Tutorial on Painting a 54mm Mounted Knight
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Thread: Tutorial on Painting a 54mm Mounted Knight

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    Default Tutorial on Painting a 54mm Mounted Knight

    Hey all, I just wrote up a tutorial on this piece I did for the 2015 Crystal Brush competition. It covers the piece from the planning, to the painting (including talking about difficult colors like white and black as well as a SBS on freehand designs), and finally the weathering. Take a look if you're interested. The link is below...

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    I just skimmed through it quick but it looks really detailed and very comprehensive. Book marked !

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice tutorial. I love the burgundy and gold work. The burgundy colour is very unusual but pleasing to my eye. It makes a great desaturated red. I couldn't get a grip on how you did the fine hand details though. I couldn't see the pattern clearly enough to make the connection between your steps but that says more about my rapidly ageing eyes than you ability to create a step by step.

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    That figure is stunning. I am really trying to work up my painting skills, because I am really looking forward to moving up into 54/75mm scale minis. Can't wait to read through the tutorial.

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