We need to protect them as long as we can
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Thread: We need to protect them as long as we can

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    Default We need to protect them as long as we can

    Having had three young great nieces staying with me for a week or so this 'Hits Home'.
    Two were not quite old enough to understand the complexities of the news and the impacts of some things in it.


    To Parents Everywhere, I salute you for the difficult job you have.
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    My youngest child just had her 21st birthday...so now it's my kid's job to shield me from the horrors of the world....lol.

    Actually, I still have several young nieces and nephews and I want to help let them keep their innocence as long as possible.

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    That's interesting. Working in TV I let my little girl watch a lot of stuff that may not be age appropriate, but I consciously make sure she does not watch the news as it's all bad news anf fear mongering for the sake of ratings and doesn't reflect the world properly and i encourage her to be very aware of the fantasy that all tv and internet propagates. For a 7 year old she is very media literate and highly skeptical of the mass media. My friend's daughter developed some serious anxiety issues after watching the news too much with her parents who were news junkies. She even started to worry that bad things would happen if she didn't make her bed just right or line her pens up on her desk properly. it was the very beginning of an anxiety based OCD. My dad struggles with depression even since before his stroke and every time i walk into his room at the retirement home it's on some god awful news channel. I keep telling him to watch anything else as the news is contributing to his depression and if you watch that all day you would think the world was ending -_- Our main news channel here is called CP24, I suspect the CP stands for Complete Panic as even when we get 5cm of snow they launch their "storm center".
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