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Thread: Schnooble's Board Game Painting Projects

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    Took a bit of a break painting, plus had a prettty nasty fly for a week. This morning I finally finished up my pitcher Demons. This was my first attempt at OSL and it turned out ok. I made the lighting a bit to much on the guy on the right. I was trying to make it brighter on his arm than his face, but it just didn't really work out. I toned it down a bit on the guy on the left. Certainly good enough to table top standard.

    Name:  pitchDemon-1-2.jpg
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    Think I'll start on some of the characters that were playing next. Although at the rate I'm painting, we'll be done the campaign before I finish painting.
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    See how the color is the same on the side of the face as it is on the forearm. It shouldn't be. Light tends to dim as it gets further away from the source. If you use the face as the marker point for the dullest color and then work backwards from there. It should get stronger, brighter, and more intense as it gets closer and closer to the hand. Hope this helps.
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    I like the work you have done on your demons. I know it's not what you were looking for but sometimes a mistake can be a blessing in disguise. What you have painted on the forearm of the first figure and the face of the second looks fantastic. Remove the OSL from the horns and you have a good looking paint job. Even if you just leave it on the faces.

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    Thanks guys. Yeah, I saw that the lighting was too bright on the face, and when I tried to brighten up the arms, it was already getting really bright. The pictures dulled this effect somewhat. I'll take another stab at it tonight.

    I'm going to try it brighten up the areas near the flame and see if I can make it more intense and stronger. Maybe slightly brighten up the color a bit with some yellow. That should do the trick.

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    I tried to fix up the OSL on that one Demon. Think it turned out not to bad. In addition to adding more highlighting to the arm, I also added a bunch of red glazes to the face to tone down the green. I think I might have to phase out the arm a bit better as well as I think there's too much green and the glow goes down too far. All in all though, I'm happy with the way they turned out.

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    I also painted up my first character, Rivet. Super easy guy to paint as he was basically one main color with some light OSL. Still need to do a bit of clean-up, but he's basically read to go.

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    This is the next character, Magau. Obviously still doing base colors, but figured i'd snap a pic of her.

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    And lastly is a Minataur named "Borris the Barbarian". My girlfriend wanted to try painting a miniature, so she choose this one and had away at it. I gave her a few suggestions, some of which she heeded and some of which she didn't. She was pretty happy with it in the end though and wants to go buy some different mini's as mine are too small and have too much detail. So expect to see some more paint jobs from her off and on.

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    Quite a bit of time has gone by. Took a bit of time off and also went on vacation for a few weeks.

    I've gotten quite a bit done this last week.

    First of all, I finished up Magu.

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    Cassius also was finished. I think I may perhaps do a wash of Reikland Flesh on him though to reset his chest as I think it's a bit too bright and just too much. Haven't fully decided yet though. I'm scared I'll totally screw it up and make it worse. Sometimes it better to just let it be, and I'm wondering if this is one of those times.

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    Lastly is Bellya'al. He's almost done. Need to finish up his staff still and work on his horns. Pretty happy with the way his head turned out. I might make the eyes a bit more bright though. Not top sure what else i can do to him to though.

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    Almost done my set of three guilds for Arcadia Quest. Just need to finish the third min for the third guild and I'm done. After this I think I'll take a break from Arcadia Quest ( might paint the final boss, maybe) and try something different. I have a set of Malifaux Wicked Dolls, that would be fun to paint. I'd really like to put them into some soft of Diorama or something. Switch things up a bit.

    Here's the minis for the first two guilds that I've completed. Overall pretty happy with them. I've also been playing with the photography end of things and I think my photo's are a bit better as well.

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    Also tried doing a lava base.

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    Nice bunch of minis. I really like the color transition on the tree headed guy. Btw, looks like your girlfriend has some skill at this too.

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    As Krule said, some good colour transitions going on. The face on that faun is particularly excellent.
    Cracking work all round!
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    Thanks guys! Yeah, I personally think I lucked out on that faun's face. I don't know. I most likely couldn't reproduce it. But I knew when it was done, it was pretty good.

    Wanted to ask a question actually. I was painting my last mini last night and I was trying to glaze the face and chest area. I noticed, (and I've had this before, but it didn't seem as bad) that when I would paint the glaze, it seems like it would smear drops of color and I would have to move the blobs around, but it would never really just stick to the surface. It seems like it would just blob up a bit. I tried thinning the glaze down more, and also thickening it up more. I also thought that i was using too much paint on my brush, but even with a little amount on it, just never seemed to really work coat over the base coat very well. It just never seems to cover very well.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Too much water in the glaze? Is it something to do with the base coat, as I noticed it just didn't seem right. Can't explain it. Maybe it was too thick? I don't know. Having a hard time explaining it. Hope this makes sense.



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    Been a while. I've painted a few more mini's in my time away, but nothing really WIP worthy. Recently I set the goal of painting at least half an hour every night (or almost every night) time permitting. Figure this should get some of these mini's painted faster as well as giving me more experience.

    I started painting the minotaur from the Massive Darkness game and figured this was a good time to start this WIP up again.

    At this point I've base coated and have started shading and highlighting the skin. I think I may have gone too far with the highlights, so I'll probably tone it down a bit with a general shade and then make the highlights a bit smaller. We'll see what tomorrow has in store for me.

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    Had a few more days to work on him. I've highlighted the rest of the model and I think I just need to add some detail now and then figure out a base.

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    Cool to see some paint on these minis.

    I played Massive Darkness with a group of six last week on quest one. We really enjoyed it, but didn't finish after three hours and had to leave for sleep purposes. There are so many minis that getting some paint on them would make play more enjoyable.

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    Yeah, there's a lot of minis' in this one and they are pretty varied so lots of neat things to try painting. I haven't even taken the shrink wrap off the main game yet as I won't be in a position to play it for quite a while.

    The last few night I tried to work on the details a bit. Added eyes, some tattoo's, and tried to put some OSL onto the axe. I think I went a bit overboard though. Or maybe it's too red. Doesn't really look right. Tomorrow night I see if I can do something else with it.

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    Ooooh, I like the colours you got going here.

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    Thanks for the kind words Oistene. I didn't get a change to paint last night as we had to go out for my mother-in-laws birthday and by the time we came back it was quite late. Probably get this guy finished this week sometime. I should have another update tonight or tomorrow.

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    thats a really cool mini, the paint job is coming on nicely , very good colours

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    Nice bright colours and some sharp painting
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Well done schnoobie!!!

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    Thanks for the kinda words all.

    Put the finishing touches on him this morning and based him. I think I'm pretty much finished unless anyone has any comments or ideas?

    He was pretty fun with the exception of trying to paint his belly with his arms and axe in the way. Need to figure out the next guy to paint today or tomorrow. Thinking I might go for one of the hero's as the last few I've painted have all been pretty large.

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