Skarekrow is in need of getting better.
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Thread: Skarekrow is in need of getting better.

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    Default Skarekrow is in need of getting better.

    yeah, i guess its a crappy title and all but i really do need to improve and last time i did that was like ten years ago with the help of people on here. so here it goes again, a thread on cmon of miniatures i hope to finish.

    i started painting a death korps of krieg roughrider commissar to a higher standard than usual recently, i have finished the paintjob on the base and it looks like this now. oh, there will be some crappy pics now btw...
    im going for a pretty realistic looking thing, the setting would be in the winter like everybody elses with some mud and snow, the snow is stil not done though. the light grey stuff on the base is to be covered in snow....

    so, comments, ideas? critizism?

    thanks for looking
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    composition looks good , winter scene sounds great, slap some paint on
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    thank you, coming from someone as good as you that feels great

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    just thought i would add some pictures of some work that ive done, i would really appreciate some comments on them, just so i can get better. all tips, tricks etc that might upgrade my skills or things you think i should have a look at will be very appreciated.

    also, photography, is there any android app for a better camera?

    heres some minis....
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    Some really nice pieces in here, looking forward to see where you take that deathkorps and winter base.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    I have seen that giant before... were you on the Warhammer Forum?

    Or maybe it was here?

    I don't know, but I love your work!

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    yeah the giant has been making the rounds since i started it, it took me some years to finish though due to lack of creativity.

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    So heres where im at with The commissar. Ideas?
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    Heres three more minis finished by me....
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    Love that giant, and also the goblin with the bull head beneath him. ^^ You know what you are doing mate!
    I agree with you, that opening a wip thread will help you up your skills or at least will keep you motivated to work a bit more!
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    thanks all. i have not forgotten about this thread yet, i have been having something resembling a life and also practising some stuff (im working on a 30k night lords army) to do on the commissar. looking forward to showing some new stuff soon.

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    quick update, got me a reaver titan, spontaneously i might add, and i have started some work on it, since i dont own a airbrush i have to rely on my brushskills. hopefully it wont look like crap once done. these are wip...
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    Stellar work with no AB
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    The weathered look on the titan is very well done. Cant wait to see it when completed.

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    IMO the Titan looks much better for not being many of those look pretty bland with the standard airbrushed highlighting. Metal trimming and weathering looking great on this and that giants hairy tum is a winner.

    Great stuff

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    The flatness is impressive for brushwork and combined with the weathering makes it look very realistic.

    Can't wait to see the rest of him

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    thank you all, im going to try to get the legs of the reaver built tonight, atleast im going to prep them. its a very intimidating sized model for brushwork but its quite fun to do, the weathering is really simple, just some browns and nilakh oxide washes.

    once again thanks.

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    Hey there, great work overall but I have to say I really like the goblin, nice style

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    Nice models!

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    Excellent models at a very high standard!!! More more more... Especially I've been known to like weathering which you've done a great job of on these lot of minis!!!

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