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Thread: Skarekrow is in need of getting better.

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    well thank you, i loved painting that mini, think i finished in a day or so.

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    Great use of colours
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    thanks, i seem to be repeating my thanks, gets a bit monotonous, i blame it on not having english as my first language and being tired.

    it felt really cool to get the abby up on top last 7 days, never happened before, thats awesome, thanks all who voted.

    tomorrow i will try to get some pics of my finished iron painter part one submission.....
    cheers all.

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    Are you sure you haven't posted here before?
    I'm certain I*ve seen those gangers, precisely the see-through one, in a WIP before..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iateyourbananas View Post
    Are you sure you haven't posted here before?
    I'm certain I*ve seen those gangers, precisely the see-through one, in a WIP before..
    i posted a long time ago, still have the gangers on a shelf.

    on another note i just finished and submitted the karnagh.
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    I think this thread can change name to "Skarekrow is getting better, a lot better". He looks great.

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    thank you oistene, sadly not everyone seems to think so yet. i´ll see what i finish next, perhaps its gonna get better.

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    I agree with Oistene. This latest mini looks really good!

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    thanks but its trailing the aberration by one point plus.

    i will have to do better somehow.

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    Dont focus so much on the points given by others, do what you like and strive forward, develop what you like

    I like the latest figure that you have done, seen pic from swedish facebook group I think...

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kretcher View Post
    Dont focus so much on the points given by others

    Both minis are painted to a really high level. If I may offer a point of improvement, perhaps the transitions on the skin could be smoothed out a little more. Outstanding stuff though

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    thank you foxtail, yeah, i have to work on the smoothness i guess. thank you, this is what i feel like i need, some help.

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    so, on that note i tried some different ways of achieving some smoother blends on this stormcast since i have a bunch lying around. the technique i did on the back here seems to work quite nicely. it could of course get better with practice so thats what im gonna try.... paint a unit of these till i get the hang of it.
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    thats looking nice and smooth to me. very good placement of light, I'm wondering if you need some tiny specular white high lights to sell the shine a little more though?

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    Looking solid, blends here are much smoother! Layers and plenty of water. Water water everywhere and not a drop to...Oh bollocks...Mnnnn painty....
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    thanks guys, yeah perhaps i shall add some pure white dots here and there to get it right. i just finished the golden armour on him and later today i hope to be able to finish the shield as well and glue him together properly

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    Looking very cool, mate. Awesome models you've cooked up.
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    so, not only am i lazy, im slow too, but heres how far i came today. not certain if i like it but its something at least. i guess an army of them would look kind of cool.
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    oh and sorry for the awful pictures, dont know why they came out so bad.

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    Nice metals. Really looks like he has been through the fire.

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