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Thread: Initial Play Session--Please Help a Noob

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    Default Initial Play Session--Please Help a Noob

    Hey folks,

    New here, my two teen daughters and I love playing cooperative games and just got Zombicide: BP for Christmas. We had our first game today and played the intro scenario but a few things needed clarification for us--so we seek your help. Sorry if these are rudimentary, we are just trying to learn the game correctly.

    1) In the first scenario, the first thing you need to do is get the key and then unlock the blue door. If you have a key, do you have to still smash the door in (and make nose)?

    2) Can the key be traded?

    3) The invisibility enchantment sees to be really worded to maximize confusion: "Once per turn. The targeted Survivor benefits of the Rotten Skill's effects until the end of the Game Round." Sorry, I cannot begin to comprehend that.

    4) Needed some clarification on trading. The rules say you can exchange "any number of cards", does that include zero? On Samson's turn, he wanted a card from Ann. So he initiated a trade, gave 0 cards to Ann and she gave him the card he wanted. I nixed the trade on the notion but we were all unsure of the ruling.

    5) You can do a search only once per turn but can you search the same room more than once over different turns?

    6) Baldric's blue skill is Spellcaster (1 free magic action). His orange skill is 1 free magic action. When Baldric hits orange, does that mean he then gets 2 free magic actions?

    Thanks so much for your help to us!
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    Here's some answers:

    1: No, the key unlocks the door. You can not smash it open in gameplay minus the key, so the key is required to open it, minus noise.

    2: Logic says yes, just lace the Blue token on your players dashboard and trade as normal.

    3: Invisibility - Read the 'ROTTEN' skill in the back of the rule book. Basically, if a character doesn't conduct any actions in their turn an this spell is cast on them, then ALL zombies ignore them during their activation round.

    4: Yes, it's cooperation, you may freely trade or give away items. So in your case, Samson needed an item so Ann 'traded' it with him, she got nothing in return, but it benefitted the group.

    5: Yes, one room could in theory be searched each turn, until all item cards are exhausted. The danger of staying static and over searching though is that you could become surrounded or isolated.

    6: Baldric: Spellcaster allows a free Magic OR Enchantment but +1 Free Magic Action only allows Magic (combat spells). For example, if you reach Orange then Baldric will have Spellcaster, +1 Action and +1 Free Magic Action. He has 4 'normal actions' so let's say he casts Fireball 4 times, then uses his +1 Free Magic Action to cast another Fireball and then via Spellcaster he could cast either Fireball again (taking his total to 6 castings) or Speed, which is an Enchanment to move 2 squares away. Enchantments may only be cast once per Game Round.

    Hope that helps :-)
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    Thanks for the guidance. We have played through 2 scenarios so far and are loving the game!

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