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    So, I have been out of the miniatures scene for a while, but the itch is slowly returning.

    As the store seems to constantly be out of CMoN board games, I figured I might as well burn my Legion points on armies for some of my favorite miniature games.

    So, which seems to be more popular right now Dark Age or Wrath of Kings, and if you could expand on that regionally that would be great. I know I live in New England and it is PP-fanboy city up here, and very hard to get people to branch out into new games.

    Any insight would be helpful.

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    Upstate SC... no one plays Dark Age that I know of in the area. We have about 8 people interested in WoK that have obtained the starter set for at least one faction. A couple of the folks have two factions represented. With Legion points, I have all the starters, and have actually traded one away to get a guy interested. He is a Warhammer type player, and didn't want to invest in another game. So I traded him a starter set if he would paint a starter set for me as well... kills two birds with so stone, so to speak.

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    no DA or WoK here. Based on this (as it is similar to a lot of places):
    If you want to branch out, then get some boardgames (AQ, Zombicido or from other companies are a good start). If you want wargames, then Infinity/Malifaux (infinity more) could be an alternative.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Yeah, I have plenty of board games that contain miniatures. It was more about playing a miniature game again, but more importantly a way to cash in Legion points that are racking up from running the board games that I already have from CMoN.

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    You could pick which one you like the best, cash in points for a couple starter sets, or, for example, the WoK two player starter Honor and Treachery: that way, you have the minis to have a pick up game with some friends and introduce them to the game. If no one wants to play, you at least have a couple minis to paint.

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