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Thread: A WhIP to skip (silasvb's WIP and painting log)

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    Quote Originally Posted by silasvb View Post
    Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely take on board the thoughts about boosting the highlighting. I really want to stay away from the model looking like a white line has been drawn along each edge, but hopefully by using a series of very thin coats I can avoid that.
    Try to build the highlights up by gradually adding beige to the green. Try to focus these brighter highlights towards the corners and sharpest edges.

    If you’re ever not sure of whether or not you need more contrast, add more contrast.

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    What fox said. Graduating hightlights take time and experience. Best way to gain experience it to do and expriment. Akways use water to maybe a 2/5 distilate and layer. When you get used to that you can always work back by applying glazes. it sounds technical bit it's not reeeeally.
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    also yes I know that process seems like "but it colours nothing" it does and ou will see it as you keep going and adding. Stick with it there's always the "this is BS" phase. Works out though!
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    Default Worst miniature painting ever!

    Ignoring the hyperbole of the title, these guys were horrible to do. I'm really regretting buying Mansions of Madness primarily for the minis right now. Hopefully I'll get a little more onto the game, and then that will make me want to come back to the reminder of the figures, but for now I think most of them will stay flat grey.

    Before I give up I'm going to give a couple of the human sized figures a go to see if they are as bad.

    Name:  IMG_20171104_094455.jpg
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    Apologies for the poor photo, but you aren't missing much. I ended up getting so frustrated that they basically turned into a dry brushing excercise.

    So why did I hate this experience? Bendy soft plastic - this is my first painting experience with it, and I suddenly have a much greater appreciation for GW. Secondly, the casting quality wasn't great. This would have been OK, but the soft plastic was extremely hard to file cleanly. It also didn't help that the wings on one of the Cthulhu were so warped that they wrapped under its feet, hence the clipping. Finally, I got a gentle reminder about the types of miniatures I like painting. I don't enjoy big figures! Particularly where the detail hasn't scaled.

    All in all, this has definitely set me back quite a bit in terms of motivation. Luckily I've seen that this month's WD has a Necromunda preview. If only they did a Mordheim redux too.

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    In better news, I did complete the Battlesuit I posted WIPs of earlier. I'll aim to take some decent snaps of him this evening once the matt varnish dries

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    If they are frustrating then use basic techniques to knock them out quicker for gaming purposes. This helps get you done for gaming, but still builds brush control....besides I have heard the game is fun to play....if you want to really be frustrated get some of the early releasehuman sized Reaper Bones minis. They will help refine your cussing skils! Lol

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    Absolutely. I've given the whole lot of then an black undercoat to speed matters up (normally I go for white) and I'm going to bring out some batch painting

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    nowt worse then an annoying mini for motivation, but yes a KB says if they are for gaming just bask them out as fast as you can, even if you just lay down three base colours to get things going, you always go back to them with other techniques at a later stage

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    I'm sorry to hear that MoM minis are frustrating you! For what it is worth, the wings on the Star Spawn are annoying to paint and impossible to keep straightened (I know I certainly tried)! It ended up taking me about two weeks to paint my Star Spawn as well as I could and while it was a bit frustrating, I found it worth it because they are the most impressive and worst enemies in the game to face.

    If you're looking for the best/easiest minis to paint, I would recommend trying to paint some investigators first. Unless you rebase them, they're already attached to a base and seem to have less mold lines compared to other minis. The plastic is still soft and you may need to heat up small pieces to get them straight but once you do, you're good to go.

    Also, if you haven't played the game yet, instead of painting it all first, I'd recommend giving the game a shot and seeing how much you like it. If you love it like I do, you'll find the motivation to paint these minis despite all the frustration they can cause. I know as I've found higher quality minis, I've found it is best to do a couple MoM minis and take a break and do something else so I don't get too frustrated or lose motivation. If you need any more advice or run into any more trouble, let me know and I'm happy to help I hope that you enjoy the game even if you decide not to paint the minis or to do so as quickly as possible. Having the most fun possible is what it is all about!

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    I think a combination of the size of the star spawn and a change in mindset really helped. I stopped thinking of the remainder as minis to paint to the best of my ability and just went for 'good enough for tabletop', and painted the whole box!

    Name:  IMG_20171105_202524.jpg
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    I won't post any further photos of them as quantity rather than quality is definitely the highlight here

    I'm going to take a little more time on the investigators. As Kuribo mentioned, the casting quality is significantly better.

    Really looking forward to give the game a go now.

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    Getting started with the investigators. These figures are much more fun. The minis have great character, which makes me want to do a top job, and a nice variety of different surfaces and styles to keep things fresh.

    So far, just getting started with the flesh. Having grown up on GW figures, I've never painted a face before which leaves so much up to the artist. Ultimately, this may result in a poorer overall paint job, but it is a very enjoyable challenge trying to get the highlights and shading right without the crutch of an overly contoured face. Top lip is all wrong right now, but otherwise I'm happy with a first pass. The plan is to use a range of glazes over the top to add some colour and variation to each aspect of the face.

    Name:  IMG_20171108_222923-01.jpg
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    The previous photo really highlighted how poor a colour choice the original skin colour was. I've blended in a load of reds and purples, followed by some extra highlights and he looks a little less like he's just got out of a sunbed.

    Name:  IMG_20171109_233213-01.jpeg
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    Needs a little tidying up in a few areas and a bit more work on the base, but pretty happy with how he's turned out so far. The one bit I really can't stand are the hands.

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    A couple of better quality photos

    Name:  20171111113725_IMG_0569-01.jpeg
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    Name:  20171111113950_IMG_0583-01.jpeg
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    It looks like you've been quite busy recently! Those minis you batch painted look good and will be nice to have on the table. The investigator (whose name escapes me at the moment) also looks really great. I like how you chose different colors than the in-game artwork. He looks younger and more likely to tackle the horrors of Cthulhu! And that freehand base is one of the best I've seen. Most people do plain wood planks and it doesn't look that great but not only do yours look nice but adding the rug is genius! That Tau Battlesuit came out nicely as well. Did you varnish the Tau Battlesuit yet? To my eyes, it looks a bit glossy and a more matte or even satin varnish would help tone that down. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing what you paint next!

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    Nice work knocking out the gaming minis and the freehand base on the inspector turned out really nice.

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    I've managed to compete the rest of the investigators. Happy with the decent tabletop standard - probably appropriate for the quality of the casting.

    Name:  20171118001215_IMG_0595-01.jpeg
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    And some close ups on individuals

    Name:  20171118001331_IMG_0609-01.jpeg
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    Name:  20171118001349_IMG_0616-01.jpeg
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    Name:  20171118001402_IMG_0622-01.jpeg
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    Name:  20171118001417_IMG_0629-01.jpeg
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    Name:  20171118001428_IMG_0633-01.jpeg
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    As I'm (slowly, oh so slowly) getting better at taking photos, it's really highlighting (sorry...) where I need to work my techniques. Clear brush strokes and too start transitions during layering are a must to work on.

    Ive also started on one of the zombicide black plague walkers. He's been great fun so far, and the detail is amazing. Sadly I got my copy of the game through Amazon rather than Kickstarter so I've missed out on the piles of cool extras. I'll definitely be jumping on the bandwagon for CMONs next release. 30 minutes left on my first ever kickstarter at the moment (King's of War: Vanguard) and I'm getting nice and stressed should keep me up long enough to get this zombie finished

    Name:  20171118001509_IMG_0643-01.jpeg
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    Your extra effort on making each base unique should really help these game pieces pop on the game board...and welcome to the Zombicide insanity .

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    No posts for a while but I've been quite busy painting up a range of different things: Zombicide hordes, a Skaven Blood Bowl Team and the new Necromunda gangs.

    Name:  IMG_0724.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0676.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0730.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0740.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_0743.jpg
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    Any comments and criticism welcomed. Sorry that the photos still aren't great. I'm still trying to improve the quality as I've got what should be a reasonable technical set up (Low-end SLR, Tripod, Light Box) but can't get better than what most people appear to snap from a mobile

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    Great work on the leopard print, that looks really nice

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