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    Hi everyone,

    that's my last mini, a classic orc shaman. I'm trying to improve my skills and get into painting some showcase models more seriously, what do you think should I improve?

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    You certainly are talented. That's a fantastic looking old school mini!

    And, if you don't mind I'll be hypercritical here, as you want to seriously improve.

    I think if you want to push it to the next level, you have to exaggerate the highlights more, and deepen the shades. I think the lip has good contrast, as well as the sword. But the skin, especially the focal points (the face and the hands) need more attention. Blending your transitions for a smoother finish is also a trademark of showcase minis. The cloak has elements of that, but there are also a few rougher looking areas.

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    Agree with Vikey, contrast helps it pop

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    I'm glad that you like it. But most importantly, thanks for your feedback - I'll try to push contrast more & keep consistent quality everywhere on my next miniatures.

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