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    Getting laid off, need to make room and recoup some money. Prefer someone to take the whole lot and if you're in the Seattle area, we can save on shipping...

    All the Rivets, never been played, painted, etc:
    Art Book
    Jet Packer x2
    Battle of Brighton
    RWKS 15 (Clockwork vs Plague Troopers) x2
    Blitzkrieg Box x2
    Elsa Frost vs. Cher Ami
    M3 Vertical Tank vs. Landkrieger (3 of each)
    War Room x2
    Heavy Metal
    Macleod's Guards vs. Baron Munchen Guards (6 each)
    Reme Funck x2
    The Red Baron x2
    Sturmrod vs. M7 Boss (3 each)
    Tile Set
    Rivet Wars main set x2
    The Treasure Hunter
    Spearhead x2
    Terrain Packs x3

    Open to offers

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    Hi. I already have a lot of this but I'm really really really interested in these items if you sold them separately:
    Art Book
    Battle of Brighton
    Elsa vs. Cher
    Heavy Metal

    Do you prefer I make here my offer, or do you prefer to discuss via email?
    If you prefer via email this is mine: m.guzzon.m@gmail.com

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    Hey, I'd be willing to buy the munchen and McLeod Guards. They are the only ones I don't have.

    If you are interested in the selling separately. comedianmasta@yahoo.com
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    hei Csimian, any news? =D

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