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    Hey everyone, just joined the forums here. I'm primarily a historical miniatures painter but I believe I can improve my craft by crossing over into all genres of miniatures. Have already picked up a lot just looking around in the different forums! There's some fantastic work going on here and I'm really looking forward to participating and learning.


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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to the family Joe. Looking forward to what you upload.

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    Quick!!! Run away,... before the crazy people get you,... *twitch,.... twitch, twitch*
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    welcome. i did the same years ago, I was all Warhammer 40K all the time. Stepped outside my comfort zone, started a WIP here and the nice folks adopted me and helped me become the hack i am today!
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    Welcome around Joe!
    You are more than right on your thoughts! You'll see your first improvements in no time, I am sure!
    Now I better go, I listened to some howls in the distance.... *shivers and runs away*
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