How do i paint the goblins and mosquito wings like in the picture?
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Thread: How do i paint the goblins and mosquito wings like in the picture?

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    Default How do i paint the goblins and mosquito wings like in the picture?

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    I have been asked by a friend to paint goblins from Malifaux.

    And i like the way the skin was painted in the picture, so i wanted to hear how should i paint it using Vallejo colors i can imagine that perhaps there´s some red in it and maybe a yellowish or red glaze or something but i´m not sure.
    Also there´s also a few mosquitos and i wanted the wings to look realistic so how do i paint the wings to look like something from one, is it just paint them white with beasty brown in the lines or how do i do it?
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    Look to Vallejo Olive greens and Trensparent Yellow for the highlights.
    You could use reds or browns for the shadows glazes but with the goblins being smaller the less 'stark' the shadows are the better they'd look.
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    goblins: written in Wyrd Chronicles 12 and 17 (free emag from wyrd).
    To be honest for me the first (from 12) is a bit washed out, would have used stronger greens/yellows to be closer to the artwork.

    Altough free they are offered on drivethroughrpg for example. To download them you'd need to register there at least.

    to make things easier:
    Wyrd 12:

    Wyrd 17:
    Forgot, that it works again.

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