This is a miniature that some may have seen and wondered about the quality and material so I thought I would post my opinion. This is a resin miature and I presume it was modeled on a computer rather than traditionally. This interested me as I wanted to see the results in person, and clearly the details are very good, some being almost too small, but mostly a surprisingly good balance between smoothness and detail.

Mold lines and flash weren't noticeably there, instead there were tabs that had to be twisted off. This was preferable, as it left most of the miniature almost perfect, but the one on the spear tip left the blade asymmetrical, so there are trade offs.

Gluing together was much easier than metal miniatures, the wings were a bit tricky but I assume they wanted some freedom of posing them. The material is very flexible, this protects it from snapping or shattering if dropped, but time will tell if it is really durable enough for such small pieces.