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    Default Wrath of Kings on Beasts of War

    There are a bunch of interviews with CMON about Wrath of Kings on Beasts of War. They talk about both book 1 and book 2.

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    Sadly, the last video showing "The future of WoK" is behind a paywall. It would be great if the people supporting the game currently knew what the future holds. I love what CMON have created but they aren't the best at staying in touch with their community.

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    Yes, I was disappointed with the paywall for that too.

    But it was very refreshing indeed to finally see some WoK promotion and discussion. Good one. Much more needs to be done!
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    Does anyone have access to the content behind the wall where they could post pics or anything.

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    It's probably just the yet to be released stuff you can find at the wrathofkings.com site.

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