Any of these books worth and DVDs the price?
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Thread: Any of these books worth and DVDs the price?

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    Default Any of these books worth and DVDs the price?

    As a painter i am always looking for great tutorials and other stuff to get better at painting.

    I have the Double DVD Paint with Jérémie Bonamant Teboul and it has some good tips and tricks.
    So i would like to know is any of the other books and dvd on the site worth the money or are the tutorials in them just ordinary tabletop lvl and not eavy metal or crystal brush lvl?

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    in the order I see them on the store:

    - Scale75 Steampunk: good book, well above TTQ, only negative is that it's a 'spanish' book (so lots of color recipes, very little explanation on technique), still I loved this one, there are some very nice parts and ideas.
    - Rise of Fantasy: haven't seen it, so no idea
    - AG Masterclass 2 (and 1): nice picture book, useful if you paint Infinity figures. Again origin is spain --> very little explanation, lots of color recipes (I found it less useful than the Scale75 one.
    - Figopedia: sadly I don't have it, but supposed to be really good, lots of theory and some examples.
    - JBT DVD Vol 2: while the shown material is really good, but I found it a lot less useful than the Vol1 (that you have). Still a nice buy.
    - FigurinesTV 1-2: I love the first one, the second is really not for me. The only bad about both is that the english track/sub are not really good (like a google-translation). If you speak french it's super as someone who doesn't understand french I found it still useful.

    If you's have to choose the top 3 (I don't know the "rise of fantasy" one, so it may replace one of the 2nd or 3rd):
    - 1st: Figopedia
    - 2nd: Figurines-TV-1
    - 3rd: Scale75's book

    - Scale75, AG Masterclass 1-2 can be found on the net, so you can read into the books before buying
    - it's really worth going through the site. Lots of really good, free tutorial videos on sculpting and painting.
    - actually I've seen the JBT DVD 1-2 and the FigurinesTV DVD 1-2 on the net too, but was a long time ago.

    edit: based on the pics and flip-through on the site for the "rise" book. Nice, but Scale75's is more useful. The first half looked very good, the second half, just showing some project wip-s. Mainly because of that second part I'd put it behind the scale75 one.
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    The scale75 book is good tool, and gets even better if you paint with the scale75 line because all the paints are number and named, so its just match he numbers and you have the color recipe you need.

    The masterclass 1 & 2 are ok tools as well, better if you paint with valljeo line up.

    Personally speaking I paint with sclae75 colors so there book was more usefully than the masterclass books 1&2 as it was easier for me pick up the colors and go, however all the books offer good tips and learning. So on which one to buy comes down to personal choice, do i regret own all 3 no, but have the scale75 one been released first i wouldnt have picked up the other 2.

    If that helps lol.

    Figopedia is next on my list to buy.

    Another book left out but worth adding to list is AK FAQ Dioramas, picked up on pre-order and it was worth the buy, it cost more than the other books if your stateside.

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    Of that list I've bought :-
    Steampunk Scale 75, haven't had the chance to read through it yet (arrived when we had a house full of teenage girls! Got secured away safely)

    Figopedia, I
    bought that and haven't seen it since it was delivered (Fran tidied up, so neither one of us knows where it is now!)

    AG's masterclass very good airbrush work, but that's it, the finish brush work left me disappointed.
    I feel that for a painter of this quality, publishing a book and not having the highest quality completion on display was a let down.
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    I only own Figopedia, and this book is full of colour theory. I really recommend it.

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    Some of those I've not seen, but another +1 for Figopedia. It's a great resource.

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