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Thread: Blackadder's Attempt To Build a Lucius Patten Imperator Titan 'Invictus'

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJ Tudor View Post
    The amount of work gone into this so far is incredible! I've always had that lingering thought at the back of my mind to make a warhound but I have issues working with plasticard, can never seem to cut it straight! Seeing the progress of how someone else is working has made me a little more confident I could do it . . .
    I've explained on numerous occasions how I cut plasticard but it doesn't hurt to repeat this:

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Blackadder 372703 6794468 fcc8b29a7f4907b4f971c191751f9f17.jpg
    Quote Originally Posted by Gogsnik 372703 6794380 14c89830bb2ee170c0ff1c164f210072.png
    A very professional looking build, carefully executed. I always have problems cutting plasticard strait but this whole build looks as neat as a pin.

    I've been asked so often how I cut Plasticard and fabricate my models I've made a stock answer:

    How are you getting such clean cut lines when you cut the plasticard?

    Ah, that is the question I am asked most often and the answer cannot be repeated too many times because I think it the singular most important ability to achieve when anyone sets out to scratch build.

    Regarding tools I don't use anything special. Aside from what you see here I do have a Dremel cordless, a cheap electric scroll saw, and a desk top belt sander all of which are rarely used.

    The main cutting tool I use is the retractable blade Stanley utility knife and I do have a see through plastic 12 inch scale to take measurements off of my LCD monitor.

    I have two computer programs that allow me to scale the images and magnify them; ACDSee 14 and ULead Photo Impact 13 Editor.

    The biggest problem new scratchers have is using the wrong cutting tool. Craft cutting tools such as Xacto knives are useful and I have two pictured above, these are for fine detail work not for basic cutting and shaping.

    As stated previously the Stanley Utility knife is the single most important tool in your inventory; it doesn't have to be of that manufacturer but of this type.

    Small plastic handle snap off blade retractable knives of the type shown below are useless for hobby work, the blade wobbles in the grip and you are more likely to injure yourself that to do any decent cutting with a tool of this type.

    In addition you will probably require:

    A steel straight edge, sanding blocks (coarse and medium grit), and single cut 'farmers' file are used to get straight clean cuts and crisp 90° edges. You'll never get that with a 1/4 inch Xacto knife.

    Another trick is score and snap; using the utility knife and straight edge score a line on the sheet plastic then a second to deepen the cut ( make additional passes for thicker sheets) then snap the sheet at the score line.

    Always make two or more shallow cuts instead of trying to cut through with a single pass.

    Dress your edges with the file and sanding blocks.

    This should get you started, please ask for any clarification on the above.

    As for detail, its hard to explain but my feeling is "More is better." A good supply of scrap styrene and bitz is essential and just try to duplicate what you see. Practice is the catch word here, there is no shortcut to experience and I am still learning myself.

    Regarding the clothes pins I reverse the wood jaws in the spring for better clamping and I do have quite a few likewise with the modeling bar clamps. They are cheap here, I don't know if they are in New Guinea but you can order them on line from Amazon or Harbor Freight for about $2 bucks each:

    I hope this helps but if not feel free to ask about anything that is unclear.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Cheers for the summary mate! Though I do intend to read through the whole thread so would have hit that sooner or later

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    Getting There:

    What else can I say?

    This is a labor intensive project...........
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    It's been said that the only reason that people go to Cockroach Races is to see a Cockroach crash.

    By extension; the only reason people view my threads is to see me Frak up.

    Well sorry to disappoint but it ain't gonna happen this day. Today is the first time I have aligned and imaged my Imperator and the never ending Plasma Blaster project together......

    ( Honest to the God Emperor )

    and it seems to be in the right ballpark scale-wise.

    Omnissiah be Praised. Genuflect! Genuflect! Hail in Oates.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Time to Take Stock:

    I've reached a point where I need to economize on the number of components to duplicate and for the past week I've been thinking of a way to save work on making redundant items and I believe I have come up with a way.

    The suspender arm disc was labor intensive especially if I have to make one for each weapon variant so below is a removable Mount Disc Component that I will be making for each of the two weapon arms which will facilitate rapid exchange of weapon types with the exception of the CC claw which i am given to understand is not a usual Emperor Titan Weapon anyway.

    I included a scale on the top image, even though it is only 2/3 of it's ultimate dimension, for the convenience of those who have requested a size reference.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Weekend Update:

    I had hoped to be further along in the rear mechanisms by now but I ran into a bit of a snag when I realized the the rear section of the weapon expanded further than the surface armour surrounding the mount disk. Since my gun is wider overall than the Warlord weapon I have decided to not expand this section unless I see the overall appeal of the Plasma Blaster is compromised.

    Another modification is the rear mount must also be removable and be able to slip onto the mount disk assembly which should pose no problem but was something I had not anticipated.

    Now that that is recognized I can proceed with the actual manufacture of the rear sections.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    One Week Later:

    It's been a busy week but I managed to fit in a bit of building. The biggest accomplishment is a second Arms Mount section for the other armament items.

    It is a source of irritation to me that each of these disc mount appendages seem dedicated to a particular weapon so hopefully I can circumvent this need for redundancy by making a generic disc and adding a discrete weapons module pack for each weapon I produce. The Discs are really time consuming to make.

    So above we have the Plasma Blaster modular assembly that slips together as two pieces and subsequently in the image below the sections installed on the Plasma blaster body......

    Next the Meta Snail module...........
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Cochlear Implant:

    I'm frequently asked how I develop a construction from just images on a computer screen. and I suppose this is a prime demonstration candidate. the Cochlear shaped reactor core at the back end of the Plasma Blaster. Since I already had the disc mount assembly it was a simple matter of transporting the dimensions off the disc to the rectangular grid material and eyeballing the divisions on the screen I used my compass to define where the concentric components would be arranged.

    Using the mount block module I made a U shaped construction of the apparent size of the basic structure and alternately layered 0.040 inch sheet styrene with the same sized grid material until I had a sufficient thickness with two left pieces over for the final rough detail.

    So finally we have the size of the complete weapon realized at least in the rough.

    and now I can take on the actual upper mount arm............
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    That's About the Size of It:

    I finally can appreciate the size of this construct and I am revisiting my anxiety over the scale Vis-à-vis the actual Titan.

    It seems about right................
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    That is a good way. Awesome updates and great insights as always.

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    that is a freakin' monster. Can't wait to see this beast completed

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekipage View Post
    that is a freakin' monster. Can't wait to see this beast completed
    My thoughs exactly!

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