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Thread: Blackadder's Attempt To Build a Lucius Patten Imperator Titan 'Invictus'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mourn View Post
    Love all your projects.

    I've been out of the hobby for almost ten years, but have periodically looked up your other titan build.
    Recently found this build and binged it for 4 hours.

    The short discussion about the hydraulics in the armpits has stuck with me.
    If you're still looking for a function for these, I'd say they are shock damperers.
    Imagine the weight of the weapons when this thing takes a step....

    I can imagine a similar mechanism inside the shoulders to what you have as an elbow/wrist. (To move the arms up and down to install a different weapon)
    I know you haven't physically build that (yet?), but the hydraulics make sense...
    The author of the 3D images Joazzz2

    did an outstanding job of rationalizing the various structures of an Emperor Titan which is why I chose to model my construction after his monumental effort. Until I saw his interpretation I had no inclination to attempt such a monstrosity.

    The Main Weapon Yoke has been a source of frustration to me from the beginning however because the weapon training rotation should have been above the shoulder joint in my estimation not below as shown. The shoulder drum also inhibits the elevation and depression of the weapons. All in all the yoke while beautiful to the eye is inherently dysfunctional in its design. Especially when coupled with the FW Warlord swivel mount. I have decided to return to M. Joazzz's original design of a forked swivel yoke bracket.

    Welcome aboard.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    With such an outpouring of interest I had my son come over to help me assemble the two components.

    The good news is the legs can support the weight of the upper torso. The bad news is it is at the moment rather top heavy.

    All that will change when I install the rear components and the interior. The model right now is 46 inches tall assembled with I'm figuring another 10 inches more to be added to the superstructure.

    The author to scale is 75 inches tall and the 28mm scale Skitarii and the two Space Marines are added for comparison
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    This is coming together very well, awesome work Blackadder.
    Do you plan on weighting the feet for some more stability?

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    That is insane, totally awesome, but insane none-the-less! I would not want to paint that though

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    Just awesome work...fascinating process to get to this point as usual. I second Eki's painting comment as well....

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    With every new post, I'm still amazed at what you are constructing. Great work!

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