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    Can someone give me advice on how to paint the windows from these Tabletop World houses? Thanks!

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    3 ideas:

    - simply paint it dark blue, maybe with a bit of gem effect and quite a bit of gloss varnish. To be honest as long as it's blue people see it as a windows (effect of depiction in comics/cartoons)
    - paint it light /yellow, with the center of each panel being lighter in color. This is good if you want to depict as night + light coming from inside
    - variant of the first: dremel away everything except the bars, tint a window sized (or a bit bigger) square transparent material (even something as simple as parts cut from blisters) with blue, glue it on the back, so you have a semi-transparent 'window'.

    variants of the 3rd:

    here the painter chose the first:

    a bit like the second idea:
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    Thanks. I added some gloss to the paint and it looks so much better.

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