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    Hi guys!
    I'm new here, so I probably should tell you something about me before the pics
    I'm now 21, painting for about 8 years, but it got serious ~2 years ago. Living in Poland, so if you catch me doing some mistakes posting here correct me please xD
    I've been collecting mainly LOTR/Hobbit miniaturesm but with warhammer miniatures i can improve my skills more than with the previous ones.
    There are my "better painted minis" , newer ones will be posted directly here; in case i shoot more photos they will be in google+ album.
    My lastest works are Arkhan the Black & Lord Celestant on Demigryph (on which i tried to do my first nmm).
    I hope you'll enjoy my works and me as well
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    Welcome to the forums. The gold nmm on that first mini looks great.

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    Here is my Samwise Gamgee painted today
    more photos
    Name:  samwajs1.jpg
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    Hey Paul
    Nice work, especially considering how insanely small he is. 12mm?

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    Awesome nmm, especially for your first try! You clearly have heaps of talent
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    Wulfsaga - yes, it's something about this height.
    thanks guys!
    here is another hobbit
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    Cool tree detail. I find it interesting the armour Pippin wears belonged to Faramir as a child, so in a way it's two minis in one

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    I haven't noticed that fact before
    I think most of the armor is done. There is crown left to do and some pieces on dracoth. I've put two thin red/black washes on to make it look a little bit reddish and i think about adding more. What do you think? Are the separate layers visible and should I cover them with some glazes?
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    I've made some progress since 22.02

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    I like the effect of your stylized gold nmm and the red on the back of the cloak looks really nice.

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    Haldir from Helm's Deep. I don't know what to do on his base, so he will stand as now for some time.
    Name:  haldir.jpg
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