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    Hello all, brand new to Zombicide here. Gotta say I am loving this game. I do have a quick question though about doors. The game states that if there is no path the zombies will move thru doors as if they were open, but locked doors still stop them. I am a bit confused by this as all the doors are in fact locked doors. Also the lock it down ability allows you to simply close it again and not actually lock it. I am also noticing that with other expansions the doors are simply labeled as "door" and not as "locked door". Was this an oversight in the original book or am I missing something important? This question came up with my group when I purchased Black Plague and it's expansion. The first mission has a spawn point behind a couple doors. So I suppose in short, how do we determine whether a door is locked or simply closed and do closed doors still need to be battered/hacked open?

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    Much of that "locked" malarkey is just a synonym for "closed". Because it isn't as if turning the handle opens them, takes an axe or crowbar. The only doors locked in a more robust fashion are those in certain scenarios, coloured distinctly and required the similarly coloured key (normally under an objective).

    That zombie movement and doors; The zombies will move towards the loudest zone by the most direct route but doors will stop them. Regular closed/locked doors and objective locked doors alike, but not open ones.

    That lock it down ability could have been better described I reckon. Considering the doors that are "open" are more accurately "destroyed". So it's more like a limited barricade than anything a locksmith would be doing.

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    The game states that if there is no path the zombies will move thru doors as if they were open
    The game doesn't state that... that makes no sense, the 'Path' would be moving through the door.

    What the game states is. If Zombies can't see anybody and there are no open paths to the survivors, they move towards the nosiest zone as if all doors were open, though locked doors still stop them. What that means is the noise they are traveling towards comes through the closed/locked door but the Zombies can't get through it.

    Check this out.

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