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    Signed up.

    If anyone needs anything at all that I can offer, limited though it might be, let me know.

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    Hi Guys, yes it's sad news about the old Euro Militaire, however it's true that a replacement show is being organised - I'm one of the daft ones doing it. I've started a separate thread in this news section, but if you would prefer, I'll add news about the show here - let me know which you'd prefer.
    The name of the new show is Euro Miniature Expo - it's going to get called "Euro" whatever name we give it :-) There;s already a Facebook page, and a website is due very soon.
    I've been taking to AndyG on the phone about it over the last month or so, but to make it official, the deposit for the venue was paid on Saturday, so we really need to make this work.
    On that note, it's OK the four organisers turning up, but what makes it a show is you guys visiting and bringing your models.
    Traders that are usually at Euro Militaire all seem to be positive about supporting the show, and as mentioned the competition is going to get a thorough shake up.
    That won't be a quick thing to do, so please bear with us. However all I can say is that there will be the ability to fill in an entry form on line to speed things up and it'll be similar to the Open System where displays of models from individual artists are put together in one place - similar I guess to Monte San Savino or the shows in America. The thirty plus classes of the Old Euro Militaire will not be happening I assure you.
    So, that's all from me for now - please let me know if you want the updates here or on the other thread or if you want a "Euro" ( yes, just Euro ) thread setting up.
    Thanks for your interest in this.
    Best wishes to you all.
    Adrian Hopwood

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    Merged the threads into one.
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