Krosmasters WANTED , FOR SALE, and TRADE
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Thread: Krosmasters WANTED , FOR SALE, and TRADE

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    Default Krosmasters WANTED , FOR SALE, and TRADE

    Here's what I Need:
    Qilby Traitor
    Yugo - Young King
    Adamai - Dragon
    Dark Vlad - Karnated
    Yugo - Unleashed
    Joris - Master
    Grougaloragran - Old
    Grampy - Shopkeeper
    Darki Moon
    Here's what I Have:
    Season 1
    Anna Tommy
    Bad Aboum
    Bill Tell
    Kassius Kaos
    Lil Healey
    Oscar Kass
    Season 2
    Moe Lawr
    Season 3
    Dragostess - gold base
    Drgossiper the Nag - gold base
    Dreggoog the Downunder - gold base
    Dargossiper the Nag
    Dreggoog the Downunder
    Kanniball Sarbak
    Kanniball Archer
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    A number of the Season 3 promos are available on the Board Game Geek store. I grabbed them all from there myself.

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    Thanks, I'll take a look, but I might have most of those already.

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    I'd really like Hazwonarm, and Elogio would be one I could use as well. Feel free to contact me if they're still for sale.

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