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    This is directed at the people up top making decisions.

    I'm not sure if this will reach anyone with the power to change anything but I'm concerned about Krosmaster dying in the US. I've been playing for a few years and really have appreciated what CMON has done for it since picking up the game's organized play and product last year. I've especially appreciated CMON taking funds to send the top 4 National champions from 2015 to the World Championship in 2016.

    With that being said, I'd like to say that the $13.25 MSRP cost per figure is too much for these miniatures. That puts an entire case at $159 for figures when we have been used to paying under $100 for a case in the past. You even look at how much Ankama is selling them and they have it listed at 71,88 Euro, which is far more reasonable and expected. This cost is what the rest of the world (Europe) is paying for it.

    2015 had numbers of over 50 people at the Nationals at a far smaller convention (BoardGameGeek) while 2016 held on with just over a dozen at the largest convention in the country (Gencon). We've already lost so many people. With organized play being a focal point for this game, if the price doesn't come down then you will lose far more people.

    I want to see this game flourish with CMON but I doubt it's possible without the price of the product coming down drastically.
    Thank you for taking the time.
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    I was noticing the price for MSRP on the sites that have preorder available out there. That is quite a bit, especially considering most people that are going to play competatively are going to pick up two full cases. Over $330 every 6 months is very expensive. Besides trying to trade to get the last few models and/or buy them from eBay. I have several people interested in my area and they have yet to see what the new models are being priced at. Why is there such a huge difference from Europe to the U.S.?

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