"Glazes" Running everywhere, not stickting to the model
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Thread: "Glazes" Running everywhere, not stickting to the model

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    Default "Glazes" Running everywhere, not stickting to the model

    So, I tried going in and try out Zenithal Preshading. The Priming step worked fine and now I am stuck at trying to actually get paint on the model. In my understanding, glazes should be very thin paint, but they should not run into crevasses of the models like washes do. My problem is, that is exactly what my "glaze" does. I tried different mixes of my vallejo paint, matte medium and water and either the paint is too thick, obscuring the preshade or running around on the model. I found a recipe that suggested 1 part paint, 5 parts water and add two parts of medium to that mix, but even the slightest amount of water seems to make my paint go everywhere . Any suggestions what I do wrong?

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    Thanks. I do know how the Glaze should look, thanks to your HCO Articles. My problem is that They do run into the crevasses of the model or down the model. Is there any common mistakes that make that happen?

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    My guess is that you're "overloading the brush". Go ahead and dip the brush in your glaze, then touch the side of the bristles to a paper towel and let it wick off the excess. (don't worry, it won't all get wicked away). Then paint with what's left in the bristles. This will give you far more control,.. though you will have to go back and "reload" your brush more often. Also, you'll have to build up your glaze effect in layers,.. instead of a single application.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Webmonkey View Post
    My guess is that you're "overloading the brush".
    I'd say it's a good guess. Most likely problem.
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    I would reiterate what Webmonkey has said about overloading the brush. Make sure all the excess glaze is removed on a paper towel before painting.
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    Thanks for that suggestion, It seems that really was the problem. I underestimated how much excess is on the brush, since you almost can't see any paint on the brush anyway. Thanks for helping me out. It seems that I need a lot of practice with Glazes though, it looks horrible. I am glad I still have some minis to test on

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