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    I agree with the idea on the hair. I think you just need a little more contrast, as the locks are more tightly packed in the front. Still coming along great. I love the texturing on the back of the arms and calves.

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    I like the hair, I think it looks great! Like Dexter says, the whole thing is coming along very well.

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    Skin and hair are a really cool colour combination. This will turn out great, once finished. So keep going :-)

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    Thank you everyone! I was inspired by metalasmedium's project for the hair and skin combination. I have finished the oni of souls. I still don't have a lot of skill with eyeballs. The models always end up looking wide eyed. There is definitely somethings I could improve on but I am happy with how it came out overall. I also need a new photo taking area, getting the light right is tough.
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    Here are a few pics in a different light
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    I will post pics of my next project once I finish getting it constructed. I am deciding to take a break from the Rising Sun models or I would be posting nothing but models from it. :P

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    Looking great! A little sliver of green on the topside of the eye, to act as an eyelid could help with that. Personally, I like it like that. he looks crazy.

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    So here is the next model I plan to work on. It has been so long I don't remember which kickstarter it is from, but it looks like something that will be just fun and not to challenging to paint. I am planning to use OSL making the candles on the antlers the main light source, which will be good practice. I am also going to research and try to make snow to fill in the top of the base.
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    Also as you can probably notice, one of the flames from the candle broke off and I accidentally threw it away, so I had to try and sculpt a flame from left over spree, an exacto knife, and some files :P

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    The green oni looks great! They look swell together. I am happy if i could of inspired you somehow. Your next project looks interesting!

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    Did some work on the reds as well as the browns on the body of the reindeer earlier in the week. I decided to keep them at a middle tone and wait to push the highlights until I am ready to tackle the OSL I am planning. Tonight I started applying the base coats for the white on the model. I am trying to do a cool white in the shadows and a warm light where the candle light hits, to really bring out the contrast. Once I applied the skeleton bone next to the wolf grey I was really surprised by how much the OSL go mapped out. It will make it much easier to apply all the other highlights where I need them.
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    Really nice work on the Green Oni (and the whole set). Love that Santa and Reindeer figure.

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    Fantastic greens- I like those a lot - what recipe / paints did you use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Fantastic greens- I like those a lot - what recipe / paints did you use.
    Thanks Bam! I really should get in the habit of writing down my recipes. I generally pick a range of colors from my paints to begin with, but then I start adding what feels right, if that makes any sense. I don't have exact amounts as I mix mainly by eye, but the base range for the green is as follows:

    1:2 - Army Painter matte black/Army Painter Angel Green (as a base coat)
    Straight Angel Green
    Straight Army Painter Greenskin
    Glaze over everything with Citadel Waywatcher Green Glaze
    Touch up with the Greenskin
    1:1 Greenskin/Vallejo Escorpena Green
    1:1 Greenskin/Vallejo Light Livery Green
    Used Army Painter Red tone in the deep recesses
    And made a glaze of straight Light Livery Green to bring everything up to that yellow color

    That's about as close as I can get to a recipe. There was, of course, as lot of shifting back and forth with the colors to get it where I want it.

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    You can tell I am having to much fun painting this model because I am taking so many photos :P I have mainly been playing with the white over the last couple of days, just added the yellow today. I enjoy the contrast between using the warm white vs the cool, especially in the reindeers mane. It creates a nice contrast and I think it really helps with the OSL. To get the OSL just right, I feel I will be going back and forth a lot with the lights and darks. I plan on working on the shadows of the reindeer body next, after having worked on some of the lighter areas earlier today. I want to bring the contrasts up a bit. I eventually want to get the feel of the model walking through the night. Not sure how I will get there but that is half the fun.

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    What a lovely mini! And such a wonderful paint job too. Can't wait to see more!

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    I agree, that is a pretty cool mini. Love the little elf guy

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