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Thread: Guawol's WIP Log

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    Default Oni of Blood

    Finally had some sit down time with my mini, not a lot done. Slowly bring the cloth up to a cool white, and started adding the weathered leather texture.
    Name:  Blood Oni front.jpg
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    Still haven't worked my way up to full white but getting there with each new glaze. I am happy with the way the leather is looking (could be better, but I have no complaints) I might play with it some more working back and forth with the darker and lighter colors to get more tonal variation.

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    nice one. he's looking great really coming together. keep at it
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    I agree with Coyote, you're hard work is paying off Guawol. I especially like the maces and the lighting you've added to them. I'm excited to see how this guy looks when you get him finished up!

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    Not a lot done but still able to see some quality progress . Stay your course it will be done and then you’ll have appreciated the No Rush policy we as artists gear ourselves towards regardingfinishing these wonderful lil uncles of acrylic covered marvels.say that 10 tines fast !!!

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    Thank you everyone! I had a 5 day weekend this past weekend and found one day to paint, and here is the results:
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    I'm leaving the base black (and will add one more layer to make sure I get full coverage) as this is a model for a game, and I didn't want to get bits of basing all over my board or in the box, also there is a color base that attaches to the model depending on which player hires him. I think I am going to stop on him here, and move on to the next model in the game. I will come back and do some touch ups, hopefully, as my skills increase from working on other models.
    As for the next model, we have:

    The Oni of Skulls
    Name:  Oni of Skulls.jpg
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    I plan on trying a similar approach as last time, using my airbrush to set up a highlight gradient, and then follow with the base color of the skin. Then brush work from there. Since I have so many of these to do I will try to improve my skills but at the same time limit the range of quality. If I spend a months on each model I'll never get the game finished. Needless to say I am not going to just slap paint on and call it good either.

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    Got the same dilemma with my arcadia quest miniatures... took the same path of leaving the bases just "blank-black" because those also have an attachable colour base system. I've seen some people cutting the bases off and gluing the figures onto transparent acrylic bases which looks supercool, but as on arcadia the feet of the minis are supertiny I did not dare to do it. You might think about it since the feet of your miniatures are "normal". Of course that is an extra cost...

    On the miniature I specially like the "shine" on the golden "necklace".
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    Good suggestion about the bases, but probably more work and money then I am willing to do at this point. I can always go back later if I decide to.

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    the finished red dude looks great. he's look look tremendous on the gaming board. the next model looks like it will be a fun project
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    SO I have a question and hopefully can get some help. I just picked up a bottle of Liquitex Flow-Aid and was wondering the proper use for it with miniature painting. Do I use it to thin my paints (I am currently only using DI water) instead of just using water? And if so should I use it straight, or do the 1:20 dilution? Or is it good for only specific techniques? Any tips from those who do use it would be most appreciated.

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    Default Oni of Skulls (The Rising Sun)

    I got the Oni of Skulls primed this evening, trying the Zenithal priming:
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    And then while that dried I looked through my paints to figure out what I wanted to use for the skin tones, and decided on:
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    There will be washes, glazes, and such but haven't decided which colors yet, but something that will help the blue pop.

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    Cannot help with the flow-aid... I just use glazing medium or satin medium on my sc75 paints to make them work easier for me.

    For that blue... pale orangey... pale pink... violet-red?? teal green?? grey-white?? too many options cannot help you on this either xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maenas View Post
    Cannot help with the flow-aid... I just use glazing medium or satin medium on my sc75 paints to make them work easier for me.

    For that blue... pale orangey... pale pink... violet-red?? teal green?? grey-white?? too many options cannot help you on this either xD
    Thank you Maenas, I tried out the flow medium last night while base coating the Oni's skin. I did it with the 1:20 dilution in water and then added a drop or two to my paint. I definitely liked using it, the paint spread much easier and was easier to control how I wanted. And thanks for thinking of colors to go with the blue, I believe I'll probably work some reds, purples, and greens, I'll just go nuts with it, experiment, and see what comes up.

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    Awesome work on those oni, Mate!
    That Oni of Skulls is also on the shortlist for painting. Looking forward to see your progress, for ermm, scientific reason.
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    Default Oni of Skulls

    So made my palette for the skin tones:
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    Then started experimenting. I have only done the thigh in the box, and I'm liking it so far. I'm thinking of adding a bit of a red ink/wash into the darker recesses to see what it does. But I'm not sure if I want to do that after doing a middle tone glaze to help smooth out some of the transitions or before. I'm leaning towards after.
    Name:  2 Skin tone a.jpg
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    And gotta say I'm loving the camera on my new phone. It's helping me get much crisper photos, now I just need to work on lighting.

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    That skin really pops Guawol! I think your experimentation is really paying off. The colors look fairly smooth to my eyes too. It looks like the definition in his leg sculpt is really good and you'll be able to really "texturize" the skin with your painting. I'm looking forward to see this guy progress! Seeing your work on the last Rising Sun mini may have inspired me to surf around eBay to see if I could pick up a single model I want to paint. There are a couple I have my eyes on now...

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