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    I can only echo what others have said. It is great to see you back at it Guawol and I like both of the minis you've finished. There's nothing like wanting to play (or already playing) a game to motivate you to get something painted it up. Let's see some more painting progress here soon

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    Thank you for the feedback Graishak. Weathering of the weapons and armor is something I should do more often. I have a tendency to paint my minis in undamaged armor and with "new loot" all the time. I might go back and work on the Brute a little more, but really I was just painting it and the other Gloomhaven minis as quick paint jobs in-between my larger projects to give me variety to work with.

    @Kuribo: Thank you, I am trying to be more active and I have a friend who is picking up painting again, so it has been helping, since I get to talk with him about all the techniques and theories I have picked up here. Hopefully he will be starting up his on WIP soon. I did do more work on the Oni of Skulls over the weekend, which I will try to post this evening, but to put something up now:

    Name:  Flame Myridon.jpg
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    This is the flame myrmidon, I was working on with my friend. Its the first time I have tried painting fire and will keep playing with the color blending until I get it where I want. I am going with the reverse highlights, where the lighter colors are in the recesses and the darker ones are on top.

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    I'm glad to hear it and the more the merrier! It is always nice to see new people in the WIP forum. This new mini looks like a good challenge! I have to admit, I've not painted fire so I can't offer much advice. I'm sure someone will be along who can help you better than myself. I look forward to seeing more progress as well!

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    Here is the completed Oni of Skulls!
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    And then a picture of the Oni of Blood and Oni of Skulls together.
    Name:  Blood and Skulls.jpg
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    Here is the next mini from "The Rising Sun" I will begin work on. I haven't done anything yet, but will hopefully prime it this evening so I can begin work. The model is going to be covered in LOTS of metallics so it will be good practice.
    Name:  Oni of Spite Card.jpg
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    My goal right now is to get all the Oni from the game completed first. I believe there is 2 or 3 more after this one.

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    These are great looking minis. The Oni look great finished and I’m looking forward to seeing this new one

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    Nicely painted models my dude!!!

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    Thank you Foxtail and BAM. I got the Oni of Spite primed last night, unfortunately won't be able to do to much work on him. Flying out to Texas this weekend for a martial arts camp. Life always getting in the way of painting

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    Man, every time I see you painting some of these Rising Sun minis, it makes me want to take a crack at one. I've shopped around on eBay for individual minis and haven't quite found one that I'm "fired up" enough to paint but I'm sure I will eventually. I may end up taking a second look today as a matter of fact...

    Getting back to the topic at hand though, the blue Oni looks fantastic and I look forward to seeing your progress on this new one. It looks like a great sculpt! Keep the updates coming!

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    The blue Oni is looking great. There is just missing some basing work. Any plans for this?

    Oni of spite looks like a great detailed monster. Looking forward seeing this progressing :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    The blue Oni is looking great. There is just missing some basing work. Any plans for this?

    Oni of spite looks like a great detailed monster. Looking forward seeing this progressing :-)
    Thank you. I do not have any plans on basing them. I will be constantly placing and removing these colored caps from base of the mini and I feel it would damage anything I do, as well as I don't want any of the debris from the base falling on to the game board all the time. I usually do bases more for display pieces (which I do have) rather then game pieces.

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