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    I can only echo what others have said. It is great to see you back at it Guawol and I like both of the minis you've finished. There's nothing like wanting to play (or already playing) a game to motivate you to get something painted it up. Let's see some more painting progress here soon

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    Thank you for the feedback Graishak. Weathering of the weapons and armor is something I should do more often. I have a tendency to paint my minis in undamaged armor and with "new loot" all the time. I might go back and work on the Brute a little more, but really I was just painting it and the other Gloomhaven minis as quick paint jobs in-between my larger projects to give me variety to work with.

    @Kuribo: Thank you, I am trying to be more active and I have a friend who is picking up painting again, so it has been helping, since I get to talk with him about all the techniques and theories I have picked up here. Hopefully he will be starting up his on WIP soon. I did do more work on the Oni of Skulls over the weekend, which I will try to post this evening, but to put something up now:

    Name:  Flame Myridon.jpg
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    This is the flame myrmidon, I was working on with my friend. Its the first time I have tried painting fire and will keep playing with the color blending until I get it where I want. I am going with the reverse highlights, where the lighter colors are in the recesses and the darker ones are on top.

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    I'm glad to hear it and the more the merrier! It is always nice to see new people in the WIP forum. This new mini looks like a good challenge! I have to admit, I've not painted fire so I can't offer much advice. I'm sure someone will be along who can help you better than myself. I look forward to seeing more progress as well!

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    Here is the completed Oni of Skulls!
    Name:  4 Complete c.jpg
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    And then a picture of the Oni of Blood and Oni of Skulls together.
    Name:  Blood and Skulls.jpg
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    Here is the next mini from "The Rising Sun" I will begin work on. I haven't done anything yet, but will hopefully prime it this evening so I can begin work. The model is going to be covered in LOTS of metallics so it will be good practice.
    Name:  Oni of Spite Card.jpg
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Size:  70.0 KBName:  Oni of Spite Back.jpg
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    My goal right now is to get all the Oni from the game completed first. I believe there is 2 or 3 more after this one.

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    These are great looking minis. The Oni look great finished and I’m looking forward to seeing this new one

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    Nicely painted models my dude!!!

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    Thank you Foxtail and BAM. I got the Oni of Spite primed last night, unfortunately won't be able to do to much work on him. Flying out to Texas this weekend for a martial arts camp. Life always getting in the way of painting

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    Man, every time I see you painting some of these Rising Sun minis, it makes me want to take a crack at one. I've shopped around on eBay for individual minis and haven't quite found one that I'm "fired up" enough to paint but I'm sure I will eventually. I may end up taking a second look today as a matter of fact...

    Getting back to the topic at hand though, the blue Oni looks fantastic and I look forward to seeing your progress on this new one. It looks like a great sculpt! Keep the updates coming!

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    The blue Oni is looking great. There is just missing some basing work. Any plans for this?

    Oni of spite looks like a great detailed monster. Looking forward seeing this progressing :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graishak View Post
    The blue Oni is looking great. There is just missing some basing work. Any plans for this?

    Oni of spite looks like a great detailed monster. Looking forward seeing this progressing :-)
    Thank you. I do not have any plans on basing them. I will be constantly placing and removing these colored caps from base of the mini and I feel it would damage anything I do, as well as I don't want any of the debris from the base falling on to the game board all the time. I usually do bases more for display pieces (which I do have) rather then game pieces.

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    Not a big update as I was in Texas all weekend at an American Kenpo seminar/camp, so I only got a little work done when I took Monday off.
    Name:  Oni of Spite Robes.jpg
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    Got the colors more or less in place on the left part of the robe. I will bring the other side up to about the same level and then come back and continue working on the color transitions. I want to get them smoothed out a bit more.

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    Cool model. I'm eager to see how you handle all that armor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintToad View Post
    Cool model. I'm eager to see how you handle all that armor.
    I'm going to stick with TMM (actually was looking to this model for some more practice on that technique). Hoping to use washes and multiple metallics, to build good highlight transitions across the armor. I was tempted to try NMM again, but I want to practice that technique on some lesser models before trying it again.

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    Nice progress. The tiger loin clothe was a nice touch on the blue one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KruleBear View Post
    Nice progress. The tiger loin clothe was a nice touch on the blue one.
    Thank you KruleBear! I wasn't sure how I was going to go about painting it at first, but was very happy with the results.

    Here is an update on the Oni of Spite. I switched from the red robes and decided to start playing around with the purple robes.
    Name:  Robes.jpg
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    It took a bit of going back and forth before I started getting the contrast I wanted. Next I'm going to do a few layers of glazing to help blend the lightest highlight back into the purple a bit. Hopefully while retaining the contrasts.

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    Purple + Red... my favorite colours - go ahead! :-)

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    Completed Oni's looking great Guawal.....really nice, punchy and vibrant. Great for a game board. Looking forward to seeing the next one develop.

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    Made a little progress:
    Name:  Robes 1.jpg
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    Did a couple of glaze layers over the lower parts of the purple robes, and started working up the shade transitions on the middle robe. When I get time I'm hoping to finish up all the purple and then get back to working on the red robes. Then on to lots of metallics :P

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    Looking good. Can't wait to see more progress on this Oni! I recognize that spray booth sticker in the background too. We must have the same spray booth brand

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