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    Thank you KruleBear, they were a great experience to paint, helped me refine quite a few recipes.

    Yeah the loss of pics is sad, especially because I didn't have a majority of them backed up anywhere, so loosing them here means they are gone for good.

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    Started up an Ultramarine Terminator Sergeant. Practicing my NMM Blue
    Name:  PXL_20210914_012749044.jpg
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    Very nice job, a little different then the typical "edge highlighting"

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    Nice start on the NMM practicing - keep going :-)

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    @Mousekiller - Because I have no priority to pump out a painted army real quick, I feel it frees me up to experiment and play a bit more so I wanted to do something different than the edge highlight method. And as I have been working with NMM I have found I end up doing a lot more pointillism than the traditional blending methods and decided to just roll with what felt good.

    @Graishak - Thank you. Once I got over the intimidation of starting to work with NMM techniques, it became real fun to work with.

    Here is the completed Terminator Sergeant:
    Name:  PXL_20210918_165807915.jpg
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    I am really happy with everything about this mini EXCEPT the lettering. I definitely need more practice painting letters, it kind of sucks that the ULTRA is right in the center of the mini :P

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    The NMM looks good! Way to go! Not sure what you mean with the lettering, it all looks good from where I'm sitting.

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    @gorb - Thank you Gorb. Mainly I just need to practice any freehand painting :P

    I finished up a couple more tactical marines to add to the squad:
    Name:  PXL_20210928_020810901.jpg
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    I am currently working on a librarian I have had sitting on a self for a couple years now. Also I have the WH40K Command Edition starter set coming in the mail on Thursday, so I will be able to do some work on some Primaris models soon. I also have a idea using the necrons to try my hand at conversions. So lots in the works.

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    Finished up the Ultramarine Librarian yesterday morning! The OSL is still challenging, but I should get better with practice. I was having difficulty getting the runes to pop the way I wanted to, but didn't want to continue pushing the model in case I ended up over working it.
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    I also started my first foray into greenstuff, as I added some Ultramarine symbols to some Assault Intercessors. No photo of them yet. Just trying to start off basic and build up my skills before attempting some bigger conversions.

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