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Thread: Guawol's WIP Log

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    Weekly update on Rocky:
    Name:  Rocky 01.jpg
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    So this week I applied the base coats to the black areas on the armor as well as hydra turquoise to begin the crystals. Another shade has been added to the red armor, slowly building up the contrasts bit by bit.

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    Looking good buddy. It's taken me far too long to realise he's swinging an uprooted tree.
    Good use of colour on what could have been a very monochrome mini
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    The Mymidon (or golem as I like to call him) is really looking nice! While I'm slow responding, I wanted to say that I know where you're coming from about wanting to do the basing right. I feel like I spend more time worrying about how to improve my basing than I do actually painting which probably isn't ideal. I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with that base though take your time and do it when you feel confident enough to tackle it. In the meantime, I'm happy to see awesome updates of these Dungeons and Dragons minis!

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    Your doing a great job on a model that ide otherwise feel isn't a showcase model. Your painting is proving me wrong. Great job when someone can do this!!!

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    I apologize for the model being in pieces I'm being a bit lazy and didn't want to put in together for these quick photos. So for the crystals I brushed a diluted white over areas of intense light, and once it dried I washed the whole crystal in a diluted blue army painter ink(I also added the ink into the cracks of the stone to being the OSL I am hoping to achieve later on/probably by my next update). I let that dry and then went back over the extreme highlights (mainly edging) with white again. I also add a bit of brighter reds as I build the shading up. Once the base blend of reds are done I plan on going back with glazes to start creating more extreme contrasts to try for the NMM red look. Feel free to leave any comments or advice/ideas, all freely given information is useful in my eyes.

    I'll also get a picture of the Dragon up next time. Not having much experience with doing bases I have been experimenting with trying to get a red obsidian look over parts of it. I think I might be getting some where with it.

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    Looks bangarang from here!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Looks bangarang from here!!!
    Thanks BAM! I'm really enjoying working on this model. I'm especially liking the large scale of the model compared to the space marines I'm used to painting. Gives me more room to work and practice. Now I just wish I had more time to sit and paint, but for some reason the gods of summer dont wish it to be so. :P

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    Better & better. I like the glowing crystals.

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    I concur with SaintToad. The crystals are really looking nice and draw you into the model. Your progress pictures are a steady drip feed of quality painting and I look forward to each one! The idea behind your dragon base seems awesome and I really can't wait to see how you bring it to life. I will patiently await your next update

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    Doing a cracking job on those glowing crystals so far Guawol. Level up material me thinks.

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    Damn, that guy is looking cool! I get an Iron Man vibe.

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    Thanks for the kind words everyone! I'm happy with the crystals too as it was my first time painting any.

    The above link is where I got the idea on how I wanted to paint the crystals, except I used a brush rather then the air brush.

    @ oistene: I didn't really think about it but now that you mention it going with gold/red combination when dealing with armor does give an Iron Man vibe now a days.

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    Cool tutorial from Awaken Realms there. I'd b tempted to push the shadows on your crystals to a deeper blue and brighten up the highlights a bit. They seem to paint their crystals almost like nmm, just without taking the contrast right down to black.

    Sorry if this was said in the video, I watched with it muted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxtail View Post
    Cool tutorial from Awaken Realms there. I'd b tempted to push the shadows on your crystals to a deeper blue and brighten up the highlights a bit. They seem to paint their crystals almost like nmm, just without taking the contrast right down to black.

    Sorry if this was said in the video, I watched with it muted.

    That is a good idea. I have only put one coat of the white on the highlight so I can go back and add a couple more layers to brighten it up, and shouldn't be to hard to go back where the crystal and stone meet and darken it a bit. The upper parts of the crystal should retain the brightness to give more of a translucent look as the light penetrates into the crystal. I'll give it a try and see how it goes.

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    Thought I already commented. I wasn't a fan of the mini, but your paint job has got it growing on me.

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    Alright an update after a long time of nothing, this summer has been keeping me busy!
    I said I would show an update of the dragon and here it is:
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    I am having some issues here as I do not have much experience doing bases and this is my first time trying to do a display one. I'm working on the light color spots, hoping to eventually get a kind of weathered marble look. You can see the Black/red areas which once I get the coloring right I'm going to coat in gloss varnish to make it shiny and reflective like obsidian. My main issues is getting the colors of the dirt and stone right. I keep shifting from a lighter tone to a darker tone and back again, nothing seems to look or feel right, any suggestions?

    And here is my update of Rocky:
    Name:  Rocky Front.jpg
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Size:  152.9 KBName:  Rocky Back.jpg
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    I have done more work on the NMM red, working on the contrasts. I built up a bit more darkness in the lower parts of the crystals and added the OSL effect in the cracks of the stone. I need to figure out what color scheme I want to do for the base, which I will match with the rock in the tree roots, then I can start to work on the tree itself. I'll also still need to paint the vines growing up his legs and a few other highlighting details.

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    Everything looks fantastik bud, absolutely fantastik. All of them are impressive. The rock golems I'm really impressed with as the color choices are right on target. Level up piece here!!!

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    I'm not sure how much advice I can offer but if the resolution were higher, it might help me see the rock details even more. The picture is a little small and blurry on my tablet anyway. Personally, I think it is a great idea of muted colors for the base since it will keep all eyes on that awesome looking dragon. I do think there are some tutorials out there on YouTube for painting marble so looking at those may help you too. I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress and that golem turned out exceptionally well as I expected!
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    @BAM: Thanks BAM! A lot of it I have learned through your advice and watching your WIP.

    Your advice is very appreciated, I'm adding a few close up pictures of the Dragon's base, maybe that will help others help me ;P I do have a couple tutorials I am looking at for the marble effect, I'll post them later after I have made more progress on the marble pieces since they are just based coated at this time.
    Name:  Dragon Base 1.jpg
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Size:  244.8 KBName:  Dragon base 2.jpg
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    Rocky is looking outstanding've massively excelled yourself on him. Congrats

    As for the basing.... I would try to push the depth in the recesses on all of it. Looks a little flat currently...agree the muted palette is a good plan but it needs more variation in colour in the deeper points to throw out the dragon and the marble elements...

    hope this makes sense and helps!

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