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    I have a simple rules clarification needed. A hero gets 3 activations per turn, right? Also, a hero can move two spaces during a move activation. Can a hero do two move activations, resulting in four spaces moved total? Some other activation examples: move, attack, attack-move,move, attack or even attack, attack, attack. How has everyone else interpreted the rules?

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    Everything you describe is allowed and correct. Going further with your first example, you use the activation to move. You spend the first space of movement to get to the edge of a ship and then use the second space to rig some number of spaces to the edge of an opposite ship. Your second activation can be a move for two more spaces of movement on the opposite ship, then you attack with the last activation.

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    I think you're over-complicating it. You get 3 actions, and there's no limit or restriction on how you use your actions. So yes, if you use all 3 actions on movement, you can move up to 6 spaces.

    The only weird thing you said was attack-move. You can't do that within 1 action. If you chose to attack, you attack. If you activate an ability, you do that. If you chose to move, you get 2 movement points and can use them to move or rig only. There are abilities that allow you to move a number of spaces and then get a free attack, but those are ability specific. So no, you can't move AND attack using only 1 action, unless you have an ability/tide card that specifically lets you do just that.

    But using 2 actions, you can move then attack, or attack then move. Or any combination you see fit.
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