For an acquaintance.

You peeps seem to be pretty much the experts on minis, so I thought I'd ask here as I've had limited success searching (and I thought I was good at it ... still, asking in the right place also counts as searching, right? :-)

1. A dominatrix ... Yep, nomen est omen. I guess anything from 54mm upwards would be good, busts included (no puns intended).
I'm sure there's a willingness to perform a "degree" of conversion work (e.g. trimming down elvish ears, etc.). Not sure how much (pref. below $4000!... which is what I found one going for).
Unpainted preferred, but a factory job might be acceptable for overpainting?

2. A female conquistador. Pretty much as above. Even fewer of these around than doms, it seems...

Eternally grateful for any assistance.