Hello everyone! I'm Mike, aka CremeFraiche! No, I'm not French, just an avid South Park viewer! Anyways, my best friend has the whole collection of all the SDE minis, and well... I'm his painter! Ill update this post to be a journal of my progress and completion of the miniatures. Today, I'll be posting a Fungal Growth that I have finished. (Most of my already completed ones are at my friends house and so I'll need to pick them up for some pictures).

I'm a huge fan of the Createx paints and Vallejo paints. Any questions about anything I do, please, feel free to ask! I'll be glad to answer any and all questions!

Anyways, Lets begin:

Here you can see I primed the two Fungal Growths white. Nothing fancy here. However, if you look at the caps of the mushrooms we have some insane iridescence going on. Using Createx Iridescent Paint, mixed with some pearls, and using a pearl as a base, I was able to create a "Beetle Carapace/Oil Slick" coloration... which is what I was aiming for, for these particular minis.
I like to see my work in both inside lighting, as well as outdoor lighting... especially since I LOVE USING PAINT EFFECTS!!!

Using pearl lime green, fluorescent lime green, iridescent lime green, and a neon green ink, I was able to get the coloration for under the mushroom caps.

The body of the mushrooms are a copper pearl/gold pearl and Vallejo brown mixture, with a final copper pearl dry brush accent.

Doing the spots on the cap are a base of lime green pearl, with iridescent green, and final layer of iridescent yellow. You can compare the two caps, and see some of the coloration I was aiming for.

Tree is painted here, using Vallejo brown and a dry brush of copper pearl for a shimmer. The top of the tree, eyes, and mouth are in pearl gold Figure these might be some magical trees here, so wanted a shimmer for anything that might be inside the bark. Eyes are done on the mushrooms as well.

Other angles:

Natural Sunlight

Crystals! In the future posts, you will see other crystals I have done. I get a lot of compliments on how they come out. Enjoy the basing of the crystals and ground sections of the model. Also more details on the mushrooms:

Natural Light, after matte varnish and highlighting was done

Indoor final shots, after matte varnish, think the camera had flash on?

Hope everyone enjoys!!!! Let me know what you think! Comments, suggestions, all are welcome!