Selling Ilyad Games and Studio McVey Minis
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Thread: Selling Ilyad Games and Studio McVey Minis

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    Default Selling Ilyad Games and Studio McVey Minis

    As the title says it's some Ilyad and Studio Mcvey miniatures. The McVey one are the limited edition line. I'll be putting things up on ebay in a few days but before that if anyone wants to make an offer please do. That way I don't have to deal with ebay and its fees.

    Here's a link to the photobucket album with pics in and a list of the names of the minis:

    UPDATE: Listings up on ebay. International shipping is calculated individually. The costs ebay calculates are not necessarily correct as there are cheaper options if that's what people want.

    Ilyad Minis:

    From Le Retour des Dieux line:

    Bruder Gustav - SOLD

    Chevalier Demon Attaquant1 - SOLD

    Chevalier Demon Warlock - SOLD

    Pretre de la Lumiere - SOLD

    From the Chroniques del la Lune Noire line:

    Archange de Justice - SOLD

    Champion Orque Brun 1

    Studio McVey Limited Editions:

    #1 The Raven Priest - SOLD

    #2 Broga Hourigsen - SOLD

    #3 Seraphine Le Roux - SOLD

    #4 Vitharr Bearclaw - SOLD

    #6 Pan - SOLD

    #8 Isabella - SOLD

    #14 Al-Vianna - SOLD

    #15 Ruby - SOLD

    #16 Ar-Fiach - SOLD

    #24 Ar_Fienel - SOLD
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    Hi, PM sent about an Ilyad figure.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Bump to notify of listings being up on ebay.

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    Bump 3 days left, one bidder on most things.

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