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Thread: Scale Color 75 Comparison Chart

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    Default Scale Color 75 Comparison Chart

    So I'm gonna get a few bottles of Scale color's paints to try them out. I've heard great things about them.

    The only thing is, I can't find any charts comparing these paints to VMC, GW, etc...

    Anybody know where to find one? or can link me to one?


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    What colors are your trying to compare too, I have the same problem as I scale paints are main go to paints. I have personal comparisons that have made along the way with trail and error approach, might be able to save you the headache of trying to match.

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    If you have an Android, there's an app called Paint Rack that has complete ranges in their database and has a color tool that matches colors from different ranges as well as helps give you ideas for paint schemes by offering complimentary colors, triads, and analogous colors to the color your looking up.

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