Too many conventions!!! Too little time!!! First up, Crystal Brush!
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Thread: Too many conventions!!! Too little time!!! First up, Crystal Brush!

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    Default Too many conventions!!! Too little time!!! First up, Crystal Brush!

    Hi all,

    Is anyone going to all 3 Conventions/Shows in Illinois this year, for those of you that don't know, there are 3 Shows this year in miniature painting, including

    The World Expo

    Crystal Brush 2017

    MMSI 2017 show

    I barely have the time to finish one piece for the Crystal Brush in time, yet alone 3 SHOWS!

    I will be updating what I have so far for each show slowly, as is my painting

    I noticed there are a few here already that have posted their WIP for shows, so I figured I would too.

    Really don't expect anything this year as far as awards goes, but I lose a chance if I don't enter, right?

    So here's first pictures...

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    Looks great so far King! The purple and brown on the figure work well and the freehand banner is awesome

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    Excellent so far bud!!! Hopefully we will run into one another and say hi.

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    3 shows there,.. and yet none where I live,.. *sadface*
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Terrific freehand there Theoden!! ^^ xP
    Looks like your painting approach is closer to a canvas painter than a miniature painter... very interesting thread to follow up I think, so will be around watching your projects grow.
    WIP thread. / Cmon Gallery / Instagram

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    Thanks for the comments Everyone,

    I do have to say though being a mostly GW miniature painter, I kind of miss gamesday now, seems like its been ages...

    BloodASmedium, I will be at adepticon stopping by everyday of the convention, I saw your AWESOME display pieces, really love the tank, hopefully we will notice each other somehow by our work, I am expecting a boatload of entries to flow in, I will be turning this commissar in on Thursday, along with a historical and ultramarine entry that I had in last years MMSI, I think that crystal brush allows that???

    Anyways here's another picture of the commissar wip, the lighting in the picture is ok, but the color balance and saturation is off by quite a bit.
    I will be posting pictures of the other two entries soon

    Anywho, here you go, Thanks again everyone.

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    That banner is really cool. Nice work and good luck next week.

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    Thanks all for the comments again,

    Here's the last picture of the Commissar, there is more freehand on the back and more goodies, but I don't want to show everything right now.

    I will still post pictures of the other entry, but until then here's this...

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