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    Default Sculpting project

    As suggested by Medved in this thread, how about starting a sculpting chain?

    Andy Foster, Scott Symonds, or CMON could maybe cast it. If none of them are interested, I could do a couple of resin copies.

    So who is in, what theme suits you best, and what scale should we adopt?

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    Well, I can give casting a go. It means messing aroung with two-part moulds - a little hit and miss with resin. I do have a means to get one-offs (maybe even full production!) cast up in white metal if you\'re interested.... Have to be original sculpts mind. And you\'d have to take the casting process into consideration, meaning \'flattening\' the design of the sculpt, or making them multi-part.....

    PM me if you\'re interested;)

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    Ummmmmmmm.. I don\'t... it\'s that simple.. :P

    Okay, okay, what I do is get actual small chain from an art store, you can find them in the Jewlry section, they sell very fine stuff for around $0.99 US. Just make sure it\'s not real Silver or Gold, because that\'d be a waste if you prime over it. I like doing this because with a little bit of superglue, you can hang them to make them look flailing or such..

    Hope this helps! :D

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    As I said in the other thread, nice idea and you can count me in.

    It could be a good idea if we tell about our experience in sculpting so we can get an good idea of that. I\'ll start:

    I\'ve got several years of sculpting experience (first sculpt 14 years ago, only very active in the last five years or so) and can do both mechanical and organic well.
    I\'m one of the moderators of 1listsculpting and am involved in organising the VIP events. I do not work for any company (by choice) but do have experience at sculpting for casting (both amateur and professional casting).
    Work over at and here in the CMON gallery.

    As to casting, I also have contacts with casters so I\'m sure we could get somethig arranged somewhere. Costs will depend on the number of casts though.

    By the way, just an idea, what we can also do is to make the cast available to a bigger group so while a few people sculpt it more people can paint it. A kind of alternative CMON figure. Needs more organisation though. And a store.

    @Crispy, you\'re making the same mistake that I was initially. It\'s about a \"sculpting chain\" not sculpting chains. :)

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    Sorry for the title of the topic, I wasn\'t sure on how to phrase it ;).

    Having you on board would be just great Ming-Hua :). You should have told us for the wolfen devorer. We could have arranged somthing.

    As for my sculpting experience, I\'ve done mostly conversions and a couple of sculpts (less than 10 actually) since 2002. But people like Ming-Hua on 1listsculpting, Figurines_fr, and CMON have been of much help.

    Organics and clothes come out OK, I\'m still learning for faces, bladed weapons are OK, but I have problems with vast surfaces of smooth armor.

    It\'s good that we have so many solutions for casting the mini. I suppose we can figure out which one to choose once the mini will be finished. Does everybody have to use green stuff or as long as it\'s solid it\'s OK (I\'m thinking about fimo users)?

    Just to start the discussion on the theme, how about a samouraï archer?

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    I don\'t want to vote for a specific subject yet as I\'d like to wait to see how many participants we\'ll get. Perhaps you should change the thread title (include \"sculpting project\" or something) so people don\'t get confused and skip it because of it.

    I do think we should go fantasy though. That way we\'ll have more freedom to adapt the design to the number of sculptors.

    As to material: I would suggest no FIMO and other stuff that can\'t survive a vulcanizer (like plastic, superglue, etc.). That way we can make sure we can use any of the regular mouldmaking methods.
    So basic material would be epoxy putty. Most will use green stuff I think, though Milliput, A&B, etc. are all quite well.

    Suggestion, when we start, let\'s start discussing design on the list. That\'s quite fun. Did you follow the VIP8 restricted subjects progress talks over at 1listsculpting?

    Don\'t worry about that Wolfen figure: I have enough to keep me busy here. :)

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    so it looks like this might be a go-er! i\'d be definately in for this one.

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    ;) the theme was just a suggestion, as you said voting should start when everybody is on bord. But how many should we be?

    I\'d love to change the thread title but I have no idea how to do that. Is it possible?

    Epoxy putty is OK with me, I was just affraid that we\'d alienate people like Allan.

    Sorry, I didn\'t follow the VIP8. Could you please post a link to the rules so that all the new commers could follow too? But you\'re right, discussing on the thread is what I had in mind. We tried that with James\' chain mini.

    Would you be game for a multipart moldel or a one part one?

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    Message original : Medved
    so it looks like this might be a go-er! i\'d be definately in for this one.
    Welcome abord, even though this was your idea ;).

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    Whoops, I\'m an idiot.. :rolleyes:

    I don\'t think I can make it, mostly becausr I don\'t like my sculpting yet and I\'m also doing a Mini exchange around January.. (December break is for all my articles, hopefully..)

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    finally he admits it.....;):P:P:Plollollollollol

    i\'d like to be in on this one, but i think it would be a good idea to start with one of the dollies from reaper, cause making the dolly would be dull and boring...

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    Count me in - love to be involved, if I qualify!

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    Origineel geplaatst door t_haye2but i think it would be a good idea to start with one of the dollies from reaper, cause making the dolly would be dull and boring...
    Hehe. Depends a bit on the kind of pose you want (wire is more flexible) and whether you want to bother with muscles. I\'m quite willing to make the armature by the way.

    @Green stuff:
    Number of participants? Depends on how we split up the project. For instance like this:
    - discussing the design: everybody.
    - making the design sketch
    - making, posing the armature and freezing the joints.
    - fleshing out the visible muscles
    - shoes
    - trousers
    - torso
    - head
    - arms
    - equipment (can be made separatly and send to one person doing assembly)
    - final touches
    - base/tab

    For those unfamiliar with sculpting a whole figure, here is a step by step example:

    As to changing the title, open your first message here and change the subject. That will also change the title.

    Multi-part or single piece, both are ok with me.

    As to the VIP 8 rules. I\'m not sure what you mean with making them available for newcommers (here or on 1listsculpting?) but you can find them here:
    FAQ (member\'s section):

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    I hate to put a fly in the ointment but I can\'t help pointing out one or two pitfalls in this idea. Not in an attempt to scupper it, far from it; rather an attempt to help it prevail.
    Firstly; minis are well planned affairs, origination of design is never spontaneous. That is to say; an attempt to sculpt a mini, in stages, by different people (who\'ve no-idea of what the over-all design should be) is doomed to end in a conflict of artistic interests.
    Which brings me to my second point; re-working of detail. Very often it is necessarey to re-sculpt areas of a mini in order to achieve the desired effect, both before and after adding more detail . For example; if you decide to add a back-pack to a mini after already sculpting the area where the back-pack will go, then you may have to cut away that detail to make it look right. Even if you are not adding spontaneous detail, you may still find yourself having to re-sculpt certain areas that may have been sculpted \'to plan\' but need to be changed to accomodate the new detail.
    With several scultors working on the same model, these problems will be compounded. Simply adding a belt across an area of chainmail that someone else spent hours sculpting could be devastating to the project.
    Like I said, I\'m not making this post to poo-poo the idea.....I just thought this was the best way to emphasize:
    Have a plan
    Stick to the plan
    Sadly, I simply don\'t have the time to participate in a \'hands on\' manner but I am at your services in an advisory capacity.


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    Origineel geplaatst door UncleHex Firstly; minis are well planned affairs, origination of design is never spontaneous.
    Heh, knowing a lot of sculptors I can say this is not always the case! lol
    Still, for a project like this you\'re absolutely right. We need to be clear on what we want to make and the steps to take.

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    I\'d like to do soemthing easy, like a pouch or something, or a loincloth.

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    So to sum it up, if we don\'t want it to take hours for everybody, we should be arround tenish. Have signed up :
    1.Medved (he\'d like to do some of the design sketches) stuff
    3.Spacemunkie (casting or maybe a cool base as Ground Forge knows how to make them ;) )
    5.t_haye2 (cool, with mini girl on the project things can\'t go wrong ... just don\'t trip Tammy ;))
    7.Trevor (something easy, like a pouch or something, or a loincloth)

    @UncleHex : thanks for your advice. Stay tuned to give us more ;).

    I think we can start debating on a theme. Medved and minimaker were motivated for a fantasy theme. Human or not? Warrior, rogue, magician, priest, ... ? Male or female? Scale?

    Hum ... I was thinking, since Trevor lives in \"Oz\", anybody up for a Dorothy theme?

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    I want in too, Ming-hua gave me some pointers and I am really getting into sculpting, but make mine like Trevor\'s :)
    Something easy to begin with :P

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    Ok, we\'re off. So it\'s brainstorming time?

    Sizewise I would suggest 32mm floor to top of head for a human figure. As to subject, I\'m in for everything. Just make sure it\'s something with enough bits to divide amongst different people.

    If it helps: this is taken from the list of VIP suggestions we have:

    Genre: Fantasy, SF, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, historical, modern.

    Setting: Oriental, Post-Apocalyptic, Mythology, Western, Wild West, Arabian

    Style: Realistic, Stylish, Humour, Anime/Manga, Espionage

    Profession: Seafarers, Law Enforcment/Outlaws, Military, Civilians, Superheroes/Supervillians, Theatre

    Race: Creatures, Undead & Foes, Angelic/Demonic, human, humanoid, non-humanoid.

    Gender: Male, female, other

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    dorothy would be cool....

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