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Thread: Sculpting project

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    Hi Medved,

    Just saw your message from 14/2 in my mailbox. I\'m not sure I replied it yet, but just in case I\'ve send you my address.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Hi Folks,
    Haven\'t heard much noise here, how goes the effort?
    Ming-Hua, have you recevied the mini yet?

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    I\'m afraid not. Medved, did you send the armature?

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Ok, I just recieved the figure. Here it is (thanks medved):

    I created this pic for size reference. if you print it at 36mm total height it\'s the height of the figure.

    Ok, will start working on the wings soon.

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    Been that long I forgot what I was doing.
    Oh yeh backpack wing joint thingies.

    Ming Hua..... I wonder if it would work for you to send the wings to me and the figure to the next figure sculptor.
    I need the wings for the joint attatchments and if the coat sculptor does a flat face between the shoulders I can match that on the piece I do. Then whoever gets the figure last for touch ups etc can put a locater on the joint.

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    Yeah, we can do that. Are you at Salute? I don\'t know if I\'ll hve the wings done by that time but I should at least have some things we can discuss the wings with.

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    Nope I wont be there so just give me a shout when they are done and I will pm my address to you.

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    Ok, will do. By the way, do you mind doing the pistol to go with the figure? I already got the gun from last time. Just need to clean it up a bit.

    Right now I need to find my metal mesh so I can start on the armature for the wings. Will post pics on the way. I\'m not sure when it will be done. If I\'m not finished by Salute it will have a 3 week delay since I\'ll be in Brazil.

    @Squig hunter: I think positions are pretty much taken this time but you\'re welcome to join in next time. Or start up another project alongside this one. There is quite some time between steps, so I think we can do that. Do you have sculpting experience?

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    Originally posted by minimaker
    Ok, will do. By the way, do you mind doing the pistol to go with the figure? I already got the gun from last time. Just need to clean it up a bit.
    Yep, no problem. Do we have a design anywhere.? Or are we just looking at a generic Desert Eagle type.?

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    Generic will be ok, though if you can make it look a bit more Sci-Fi than what there is around now it would be cool. The gun it goes by is a few pages back (as is the pistol I made then).

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    Just throwing these back up.

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    Thanks. By the way, below the gun drawing is a quick sketch or a pistol idea I had. Feel free to use it if you like.

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    Cheers. I will see what my meddleing evolves into.:D
    Things usually start as one thing and end up completely different.

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    quick update. Just got back from Brazil and will be working on the figure again soon. I\'ve got the pressmould for the wings pattern done and some testpieces made. Unfortunately my camera died in Brazil (fell on the ground) and I may not be able to make pictures for the time being (anybody who can recommend a camera with super macro and at least the zoomrange of the Olympus c750UZ?). Not good quality anyway.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Whoooohooo we have some movement.:D
    Just to show Ive been doing something. Here\'s a bit of pistol. Its changed a touch from this but basically the same look. have the rifle sorted yes ? from an older one you did ?

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    Originally posted by Klute

    Just throwing these back up.

    OMFG! NO WAY! SOMEONE GET MICK! :flame: This makes me angry! These are basically the wings I designed to be sculpted by a French sculptor some where!

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    calm it dude. this thread + concept was up and created well before you even joined this site.

    can you just stop all this reactionary crap please!

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