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Thread: Sculpting project

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    Default head count


    Just popping in to say HERE! And as with angus, I have to wait until the figure arrives as well, but all is good.

    peace :D

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    Not to start the argument again, but I just wanted to say thanks in public to Mark for answering for me ;). I completely forgot about this thread :P.

    @Ming-Hua : your wing-mould technic looks great :).

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    No problem mate Im just pleased it got sorted out.

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    That mesh looks just like mesh I once thought of...STOP EVERYTHING....


    sorry I couldn\'t resist, I haven\'t checked this thread at all, since it wasn\'t something I was doing, But I thought I\'d best drop in to see what was up.

    You are all making good progress!!

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    quick update. Work is a bit slow since I am fairly busy right now. I\'ve only created a few profiled sections at the moment.

    No pics I fear. I still need a new camera. :(

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Quick update: I made a few more bits for the wings but have now decided to wait for my camera so I can take pics. Right now it looks it will arrive in two weeks since the UV filter is not yet in.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Thanks for the update Ming-Hua, it\'s nice to see you around here again :).

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    yup, still around. By the way, shouldn\'t this thread be moved to \" Work in Progress and Project logs\"? Should be ask the moderators? Or can you do this?

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    Good idea, and only the mods can do that. I\'ll PM them ;).

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    As requested, been, and gone, and done it.

    My pleasure. :D

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    sorry for being a newb

    but what is a sculpting chain and HAT IS THIS ABOUT??


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    A WIP sculpt is send from participant to participant and each builds a little piece of the figure. That\'s what\'s this is all about.

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    May I ask if I can be a part?

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    Message original : AinuLainour
    May I ask if I can be a part?
    Sorry but all the different parts have already been assigned, and we have already declined other offers; but thanks for showing your interest :).

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    This thread is better than watching neighbours or big brother.

    I\'m tempted to go back to page one, and spend 25 minutes each lunchtime reading and getting my weekly fix.

    the intrigue, the drama - the stolen wings!

    Seriously though - keep up the good work you are keeping a nation of painters and moddelers entertained!!


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    Default Just checking in...


    Just thought I would say hello and mayhap bump the topic a tiny (Non-rule-breaking sort of) way lol.

    Tools, putty, and ideas are waiting paitently!!!

    peace :bouncy:

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    Still alive. Just very busy with other sculpts right now. Anyway, what ideas? Let us hear. :)

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