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    Ok, Frother\'s competition is out of the way. Back to the cyberangel. Here are pics of the next steps:

    Pressing the first side. I decided not to use the mesh reinforcement since it made shaping the outline more difficult.

    Pressing the second side. As you see, I\'ve decided to go for stiff wire (piano wire actually) reinforments/anchors. The wing parts are about 2mm min. thickness for casting.

    Next step will be to clean up details, posing the parts and then making it all come together.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Hello? Anybody around? I hope to be working on the wings on Sunday (off to a music festival tomorrow). I\'ll recut the feather a little bit and then will add the wings to the frame. I\'ll try to get a test shot as soon as I can so you can tell me if it\'s ok sizewize.

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Looking good Ming-Hua! Glad to see you still have the spirit to continue the project ;).

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    Spirit is ok, time is the issue. :(

    Recut the feathers a little bit so the edges are thinner but now I need to do some repairs since my knife slipped a few times.

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    Yeah, I\'m still about, just not checking in quite as often...

    Wings are looking good :)

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    nice progress compilation Ming-Hua.

    I\'m guessing that\'s not GS, but another putty? Which one - procreate?

    How was the music festival - went to a great one in Leuven many moons ago (OK, I know it\'s not the Netherlands, but the only festie I\'ve been to in mainland Europe

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    It\'s a 1 on 1 mix of green stuff and milliput that I\'m using. It\'s my regular mix for mechanical thing. I also used it on the rifle.

    Pro-create mixes up grey by the way.

    The music festival was cool. This one was specialised in Dutch bands and even though it was free they always manage to get some of the top acts in like Racoon, Nits, de dijk, Krezip, within temptation, Rowwen Heze, Treble and after forever. Only bad thing is that since it\'s free you find that in the evening more and more people are coming just for a night out and not for the music. I.e. de Dijk got drowned in the noise of chatting. Shame, they are a great band.

    Ok, off to the wings again.

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    Ok, testfit. What do you think of it size and shape wise?

    Bye, Ming-Hua

    Edit. hmm, thought I uploaded the small pic. oh well. Doesn\'t matter.
    Edit2. :o Just realised these are the wingparts for the other side. :(

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    Hi Ming the wings are looking good. One comment on the wings is to expand the wing blades around the wing bends and contract the blades in the folds

    Anyhow it\'s been very quite for some time got a status for us.

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    Any update? It\'s been a LLLOOOOONNNNNNNGGGG time.

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    still working on them but progress is slow as i have a few other projects going on and my real life job is eating up my spare time. :(

    Bye, Ming-Hua

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    Well first time on Cmon :flip:

    But i\'m wondering if you guys made a multipart range. Like some WW2 figuires of some sort. E.g. you go with the GW range you can glue certain bodies together and mix and match.

    Just curious because it would be a big hit if you all started.

    I think i did something bad :(

    Well peace.

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