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Thread: Questions about Onward and the Kraken

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    Hey guys, we just finished our very first round of Rum and Bones Second Tide and came across some questions, i hope you can help with.

    1.) Onward: if a crew wipes out the crew of another zone, they move into that zone. If the attacking crew consists of lets say 4 Deckhands, and after 2 Deckhands attacked, the enemy crew is wiped out, they move onward ... can the remaining 2 Deckhands, which didnt attack yet continue attacking and even trigger another onward?

    2.) Kranken deploy: once the Kranken is deployed its damaging all heroes of the player with the highest Krakenpool, does that mean even heros that are not deployed, and what about those that are with a dead mans coin, are they also damaged?

    3.) Krakenpool: once the Kraken is been deployed, there is no much purpose of the Krakenpool (except for some attack and damage calculations), or am i missing something? And does something happen, once my Pool is full?

    Thats it for now, thanks in advance and best regards

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    1. Crew in a zone all attack at the same time, not individually.

    2. Doesn't matter where they are, they are being damaged. Effects that only target Deployed, Overboard, KO'ed etc etc heroes specifically list such.

    3. Certain Abilities rely on numbers in the Kraken Pool, mainly Deep Lords.
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    Thanks for the fast answer!
    1.) So that means you throw all dices for Deckhands and Bossuns at once, and determine the amount of Hits?
    2.) So when they are with a dead Mans Token, they got damage, and once deployed they enter the battle already damaged?

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