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Thread: Anyone purchase miniatures from official e-shop?

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    Default Anyone purchase miniatures from official e-shop?

    I placed order last Tuesday, until now the order status still under processing. Anybody know how will it take? I've got other miniatures (same day from Amazon)already.

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    I have read that they sometimes got flooded with kickstarter stuff, this maybe one thing. May also be the Crystal brush (a painting contest that they organnize), that keeps them busy... anyway I would contact them directly via the contact form on the shop or via facebook/twitter whatever, you will receive a faster answer on those channels than using these forums for sure.
    Good luck with the purchase
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    I placed an order on the 10th and it has been stuck in processing hell. I sent them an email, let's see if that results in anything.

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    I've been told they moved to the new location. So that they need time to clear up their warehouse. Orders are two weeks behind.

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