Hi all!

So long story short:
I'm a guy from Poland, when I was studing art my high school mate reached out to me and offered a work in their outsourcing studio for computer games. I feel in love with the idea of sculpting models for games for a living. I quit art studies, to learn all I could about 3d graphics and game art. After a year of outsourcing it fell apart for me, I couldnt afford to pay bills etc... Everyone I knew was pressing me to move on with my life, to get a real job. So I moved to UK and become a baker, all my free time I was spending on zbrushing, but it wasn't enough, so I decided to quit bakery. I have spended whole year learning new tools and tricks to improve my workflow (from high to low poly, etc). I decided that I am more than ready to start my 3d artist work for real. I was trying to get a job in many game studios in England, no one was interested, last job I was trying to get was at Games Workshop I figured that maybe my lack of game engines knowlege wont let me get into computer games buisnes, but GW also decided to reject me... still I am not going to give up, not yet. I can still improve my work.

My portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/artist/panadam