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    Hey guys, so I was fiddling around with my lights today, and I wanted to get your guy's opinions on these pictures.

    Here is my setup:
    pic upload

    The first two pictures here are taken with no Daylight bulb covering (simple paper towels)
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    screen grab

    The last two here are taken with Daylight bulb coverings
    windows screen capture
    free image uploader

    I'm not too sure about both of these results. It seems with the covers on(the last two pics), it brings a "cooler" look to it, probably because the light is filtered?

    Btw, I am also taking pictures about a foot away, and zooming in to get closer. I am not going right up to the miniature.

    Any feedback would be great guys. Thanks

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    What camera are you using? You should try adjusting the white balance on it, but I can help you with more settings if you give me the model of the camera.

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    OKAY! SAFTEY FIRST! Don't use paper towels they will catch fire and burn. Try using wax paper or white baking paper. Second you can try bouncing the light off a white board or something else to tone it down a bit and make it more diffuse.
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    I used my iphone 6 to take these pictures. But I do have a digital camera as well. It's a Panasonic DMC-TS3.

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    I don't think it's the camera necessarily, I think it may just be my setup. Looking at the first picture, are the lights in the right spots? I was thinking I should have one right in front of the miniature being photographed.

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    The lighting is fine. WB is an easy fix. Your main issue is being too far away and using digital zoom.

    iPhone focuses pretty close - stick it on a tripod and get up near its minimum focusing distance. You should be able to get much better, less smeary shots than this...

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    iPhone SE, handheld, ambient lighting, cropped, no processing.

    This one is shot from a foot away and digitally zoomed/cropped:

    This one is done at minimum focusing distance (5cm?) and cropped:

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    hmm, very interesting. I'll try it next time I take some pictures. Thanks!

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    Yes, as Spacemunkie says. Never use digital zoom... It's no zoom at all. If you go closer the camera will have an easier time to adjust the colours.

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    Thanks for the reply guys.

    I invested in a cheap electric turntable, and decided to make a few video's. I might actually just make a video, instead of multiple pictures.

    Anyways, here are two videos. The first one being taken by my iphone 6 about a foot away, and using digital zoom. The second one is shot up close to the miniature with digital zoom.

    Both have the same lighting conditions. With two lamps with daylight bulbs aimed at the miniature from behind the camera and with some tissue paper covering them.

    I personally like the first video better, because there is less of a sheen on the red cloak. In the second video, the sheen is much more pronounced.

    Anyways, tell me what you guys think.


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    Can't see 'em - you need to change your privacy settings. But you need to quit with the digital zoom. All this does is chuck away resolution - essentially what you get if you shoot without digital zoom and then crop into the frame afterwards. It's utterly pointless unless you really need to save the time in post.

    If you have a turntable you'll get better results by turning stills into gifs - and they play infinitely! But tbh, if you really want people to see the quality of the paint job, you'll never beat stills.

    Can't embed interactive 360s here, but they're a piece of cake to make and much more fun than gifs or video
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    You can even turn that shit into full on 3D! Annoyingly you can't embed from Sketchfab here either
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    Ok, I have one questions for you after reading your replies.
    1. What kind of black background are you using behind your minis? Black piece of paper?

    I'm going to look into this sketchfab thing as well, I really like the click and drag 3D model thing.

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    Just a random piece of black fabric. It's more the lighting and exposure that makes the background so dark.

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    Do you use daylight bulbs? And from what angle is your light source coming from?

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    If you're serious about getting decent shots, just ditch the phone. It's easier to get better quality and more easily reproducible results using a proper camera

    This is my lighting rig:
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    I wish I had the funds to get a proper camera haha. Thanks for the help though.

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    You do have a proper camera - use the Panasonic! Stick it in manual and macro modes, set to 100 ISO and just dial the exposure settings in by eye using the LCD.

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