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Thread: Looking for M7 Boss and Sturmrad

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    Default Looking for M7 Boss and Sturmrad

    Hi, I'd like to get some M7 Boss and Sturmrad figures.

    Unfortunately, getting them through the Second Wave set is quite low value for me as I have the heroes, M3 Vertical Tanks and Landkriegers from the KS campaign.

    If you have some and would like to get rid of them, msg me?


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    I'll keep my eyes open for you. I keep seeing them every so often. Keep your eyes on ebay. I'm not looking to sell mine at the moment, so I do apologize. I'll let you know if I see anything.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    You might get lucky with a trade on BGG:
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor -

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