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    Default Kickstarter - Last hours - Eden Burn Out

    Hi guys,

    I'm here to present you the new project of Happy Games Factory : Burn Out, the first expansion for Eden.

    What is Eden :
    Eden is a post-apocalyptic skirmish game with awesome miniatures and lot of tactic. Fighting is clearly not the main way to win in Eden, it's surviving !

    Rules are freely downloadable here but I know that pictures are always better than words, so here is a little presentation of Eden :

    And one about the original game system :

    For some of you, you have probably seen some of Eden's minis in my gallery

    What is Burn Out :
    Burn Out introduce 3 main points in Eden ;
    - Experience
    - Campaign
    - Multi-level sceneries
    Your characters will have to fight many times, they will have to survive at least at two games to win experience and be able to inscrease their skills !
    This will also increse their cost, which will simply be marked on their skill card.
    Moreover, you will be able to play games at more than 100 points, but be careful, your opponent will be able to have artefacts in return !
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    We have listened to some backers and after 3 hours of sleeping last night and many liters of coffee, the team is happy to show you this two new starters available in add-ons !

    With this two new starters, you will be able to play at Burn Out up to 4 players !!!
    Isn't it wonderful ?

    Leviathan, Seraphim of Envy. The brutality of Dante’s Angels is sublimated in these terrible biker.

    Alouka is a skilled Dante’s Angels fighter. She combines Hypnotic danses and warlike choreographies to defeat her ennemies. She may be as deadly as graceful !

    Fenrir, with his rollerskates and his makeshift scythe, will be able to move gracefully while reaping his opponents !

    Lamas is discrete and wait for the right moment before rushing the enraged gaze towards the opponent and cut it in half with his chainsaw.

    Bruce, Strategist and engineer: a new Pilot choice for the Resistance

    Chelsea is a Resistance's shock trooper... if her batteries are full ...

    Lloyd, this killer will only drop stealth mode upon finish

    Extend the autonomy of your Resistance Bots with Abby !

    Equity is a mechanical chimpanzee. He is quite tricky : will you spend his Battery Units to block your opponent's movements, to redeploy it on the field or to gain additioal attacks ??

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