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Thread: Most protective mini coating?

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    Default Most protective mini coating?

    So I'd like to be able to store all my minis in a box and let them rattle around and let kids play with them and in general let them go through a lot of wear.
    But I also want them to have really nice paint jobs and never get chipped or scratched.

    Now I don't mind if the protective coat is extremely thick, just so long as it stays clean and protects the paint job.

    I was thinking of using something like a very thick coat of envirotex two part resin that is used to make jewelry. My question is does anyone know of a coating that is clear and basically indestructible?


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    Dude kids can destroy anything and if you give them something indestructible they will use that to break other shit. Hand to God I made a GW rhino for my daughter when she was smaller, i let her play with it before painting to see how the kit would hold up. It went really well, we had the chunks out of the drywall to prove it -_- Say what you will about GW, that tank can take on drywall! That said there is no indestructible coating. I've tried em all and eventually over time the paint wears off with the little ones abusing them. Hit it with gloss and give it a matte coat or two after and hope for the best. Spray and pray sir, spray and pray
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    I've tried a lot of sealers and realistically they're going to hold up to abuse about the same. The biggest factor I've found for durability is time. You can put a coat or two of an acrylic sealer on something and it will protect decently against wear and tear but it won't have exceptionally good protection for a few years. Material selection for the mini itself is going to play a big roll. Anything metal is just going to scratch right off from bouncing off each other in a loose container. Plastic won't chip all that easily from being loose but it can happen and depending on the kids thin parts (like swords and arms) can easily break with abuse. PVC (like Reaper Bones or stuff from CMON games) is probably your best bet as it won't snap from rough handling and is very unlikely to damage paint from bouncing around but. Depending on their age though if they put it in their mouth they can probably eventually bite off small pieces. Painting a pvc piece and sealing with an acrylic based sealer (1-2 coats of gloss and a coat of matt) is probably going to be the most durable. The standard humanoid size pieces aren't heavy enough to really damage each other in a container and paint adheres to them very well. As Zab says though kids are unpredictable, just accept that whatever you do any mini's they get their hands on can be destroyed.

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    All of my board game minis are base-coated and dipped.
    If you want durability, then use this method, as the finish with a coat of matte can withstand kids, being thrown in a box, dropped, smashed and a whole host of other wonderful things children can do to your models. Metal models are kept out of reach, and never handled by little ones. Plastic is pretty much the only material that's durable enough for kids.

    As above, there is no indestructible sealer. If you want the models to be able to rattle around in a box, then base coat, dip, and varnish is the way to go.
    If they are already painted, then any varnish will do, as nothing will ever stop your kids.
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