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    My main use is for the hobby and for that purpose it’s a fantastic source of information. If you have issues you can get responses in seconds. I’ve done it during painting, had a problem and got a resolution in minutes.
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    Jesus Mally, that figure is a monstrosity. And I mean that in a positive manner haha

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    Another big guy is essentially done. There maybe more bits of tinkering as he gets fitted to the base, more slime and stuff.

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    Gross. Well done.
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    Wonderful work on this thing- no easy feat - huuuuge

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    Boom look forward to the slim and Blood and Puss and all those yummy things . . . that nurgles dig!

    Top job Im liking the swords too good balance just wondering if you will be adding some runs of grime and stains to it later on? could be a good plan

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    Thanks guys. One down and a load to do.

    Theren - I had a little help from a certain mar Powell with the sword and having some slime on it was discussed and may yet happen.
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    I seem to get that a bit.....
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    I’ve stuck my Knight Templar on P & P if anyone cares to visit and vote, thanks
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    Can’t vote but I’ll say how fantastic the Templar looks. Really top-notch stuff Mal

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    I’m not signed up to p&p but jumped over and had a look...fantastic work man, you have given that piece a very nice facial expression, and all round a sensational paint job... well done

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    Thanks guys, really appreciated
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    Incredible work Mally as usual.

    Also, my god, I'm amazed how you got Sean Connery to dress up as a Knight Templar

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    Thanks Gianluca, it wasn’t easy but a few chuppa cup lollies did the trick.
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    I’ve put The Offering up on P&P if anyone can view / vote it would be really appreciated.
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    Brilliant mally... fantastic technique (OSL from an unseen source). I really like what you have done with this mini... the upwards shot is a brilliant point of view for this piece, gives the feeling of looking up from a lava pit!!! Just brilliant!!!

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    Fantastic work!
    if it's not a dwarf, i'm not interested.

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