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    the finest caviar in the universe! looking good buddy. I especially like the hand on leg with all the layers on colour coming through.

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    Thanks mate. I wanted this more textured than other versions you see, a more visible love of the brush stroke than the smooth blend.
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    Finished, though I’m sure I will tinker some more.

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    Great 'dirty' work. I like it!

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    the finished thing is fantastic, very nice indeed well done

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    Thanks guys. On review I think there will be a couple of little changes to come.
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    Jesus man, you have a great imagination. Impressive stuff.

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    This is my slant on the Realms of Chaos artwork.

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    Absolute stunning job...

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    I am not a Nurgle fan, but this is a COOL diorama!

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    Possibly the most gruesome Great Unclean One I've great work!

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    Thank you all. I will update after the show in a couple of weeks.
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    Oh sweet delicious Nurgle! all ties it together very nice! gotta say the sword is my jam! but the more you look the more you see, great work.
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    Grandfather Nurgle is proud!
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    Where did you go bud!!!?is all ok ? Haven’t heard any action for a while and you know me and my anxiety just making sure your ok!!!:-) drop a line or a message ,an emoji anything . If there are personal things going in and you don’t feel like talking on a thread than here’s my personal gmail. You can reach me here

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    He's ok, I'm in a group chat with him and some others from here on Facebook, he doesn't seem to post here much anymore but as far as I know he's doing ok, working nights at the moment too and him and darthmarsh have just set up a thing to run painting courses with the big names (journeyman miniatures on faceFace) so he's probably been quite busy

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    Ohh ok I guess he’s a big shot now and forgot about the little folks.:-p Tell him not to forget his cmon family !!! Wish him the best for me would ya. Good luck on his painting journey including his courses.

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    Lol I think it's just getting slow around here, facebook and Instagram get quicker responses generally, I'm sure he'll poke his head in at some point, he's painting a bust at the moment which is the first thing I've seen since the nurgle diorama he might have super secret projects that I don't know about though

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    Well look I’m the one who’ll say it- when you don’t go in others pages and they come on yours it’s a matter of time until people start to think you know what undcibscribe. I’m an upfront guy so I’ll say it. Do I have any animosity . None what so ever. Consider it feedback . Like mini painting advice . You know it does make folks feel hurtful . I me I’m still waiting for at least a congratulations like I gave him. Well as long as it’s nothing serious. Wish him th best.

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    Hi Johnny.
    Im good and thank you for asking. It’s nice to know people are thinking of you. I’ve been incredibly busy of late, Just set up Journeyman Miniatures with Tim aka Darthmarsh. We are running tuition courses in the UK.
    The down side is not as much painting as I would like but I’ve been working on and off on this lovely sculpt t Herne the Huntress from Broken Toad.
    Thanks again for asking and I hope you are well mate.

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