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Thread: Mally's WIP

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    You see now that’s what I wanted to see a beautiful lovely female bust from broken toad- I think shes even more beutiful than the sculpt itself. Your always getting better matey!! Somebody stop this guy. so far jib well done-face is killer.

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    A quick update on my GD day out. Commended for GUO, but like Lee my LOTR crashed and burned.
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    Well done pall it was a just reflection on the big boy for sure.
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    Your GUO definitely deserved some praise. Unfortunately I'm starting to see what people have been saying about GW liking minis that are on clean bases presented in as much an 'eavy metal style as possible. Your LotR mini is awesome and should have done better I think.
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    Yep was really pleased when I saw you got a commended. Well deserved for all those months hard painting
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    Thanks for the complements fellas. The good thing is I think I am able to enter GUO in the AoS Demon as it didn’t get too three.
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    Congratulations Mally, not sure the pics do this piece justice.

    Absolutely loved this in the case at GD, the sense of scale achieved with the variation in mini size worked brilliantly.

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    congrats on the commended, should be close to a demon
    sad to hear the lotr entry crashed, i think its lovely

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    The GUO looks great, hope it gets what it deserves at the AoS demons!

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    Thanks again guys, great to see such responses.
    Stef - I have to admit being a little surprised it didn’t pin, just like yours last year. I thought like Lees entry they were good enough for pins. Such is life though.
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