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    Default Wishlist for future releases

    I copied this post from the Boardgamegeek-forum to share it with more people.
    It is my hope that they will release the "realistic wishes". And then there are a bunch of more or less realisitic ideas that might give fellow Zombicide-players (and developers) ideas or two.
    Here goes:

    Realistic wishes:

    Box of zombies with extra crawlers (new sculpts)
    Box of zombies with extra skinners (new sculpts)
    Box of zombies with extra seekers (new sculpts)
    3D doors and barricades (to purcase for non backers etc.)

    Upgraded official rules, including the "only misses hits survivors in ranged attacks" rule-change. And rules for mimicing the dragon bile from BP. Like gasoline and zippo lighter or something like that.

    Bonus wishes:

    Official 3D cars (and helicopter) with places for survivors and cards. And destroyed (not drivable, but searchable 3D cars, with places for cards).

    Several small expansions each including 2-6 themed tiles (graveyard, military base, farm, mansion, park, woods, highway, zoo etc) with a couple of missions each.

    Basements and second stories - Works like the extra rooms (cellars?) in BP. Ordinary zombies can use stairs. "Climbers" can use walls.

    New companions
    Civilians - Activates after survivors and before zombies.
    Each have 2 actions that can only be used for movement.
    Their movement is controlled by the players, but they will never enter a zone with zombies.
    Civilian killed by any zombie turn into a walker.
    They work just as survivors for zombie targeting (making 1 noise and attracts zombies when seen). They are same as survivors and losts by priority.

    Shopping cart - Counts as a compannion. Auto follow (like dogs). Used to store stuff.

    “Weaklings” (Vulnerables)
    (Girl on tricycle, Boy on hobbyhorse, Elderly man with cane, Elderly woman with rollator, handicapped in wheelchair, blind, Drunk, Stoner, Cat pet, Chiuvawa)
    Pick up as a companion, but must be in hand. Have 1 life. Stays in zone if “dropped”. Used for escort missions.

    New items
    Alarm clock - 1 action to make survivor Loud. Or discard to make zone loud.

    Bayonette - Combine with some ranged weapons to add melee attack. (might be made of knife and duct tape)

    First aid kit - Discard to remove 1 wound from survivor in zone.

    Floor grating - Found when searching. Put in zone (room). Works as manhole.

    Garbage bin lid - Like riot shield (or a bit weaker).

    Lawnmover - Takes up both hands. 1 action to damage everything in a zone, like a car. Might need gasoline?

    Megafone - Born leader + noise (loud?)

    Planks - Combine with nails to get 1 “lock it down”.

    Rolleskates - Grants 2 zones per move.

    Scythe - Range 0. 1 dice per zombie in zone. Hits on 6. Damage 1.

    Silencer - Combine with some weapons to remove 1 noise when shooting.

    Stethoscope - Used at closed door to spawn zone directly behind it, without opening the door.

    and all kind of "household" items that can be combined to better items (duct tape, plank, magazine, rags, small pipe etc). More searching for junk to make better stuff, than finding machine guns.

    New rules
    Hiding spots - 1 action to hide. Cant be seen by zombies. Ignore survivors noise, but other noise works as usual.

    Infections - Possible to be infected when wounded. Unless treated (antibiotics?) make check each activation (re-roll on check per action used). If fail - turn to zombie (Lost) or zombivor, depending on play-style.

    Manholes - Can be blocked with vehicles, or velded shut with velder (new item.

    New skills
    Carpenter – 1 free barricade action

    Free dog action

    Free driving action

    Organizer (free trade/re-arrange)

    New vehicles
    Ambulance -(blue/green - for bed spawns) Like cars. Five seats (three in back).
    Siren (loud) - 1 action to activate (flip vehicle token to show siren on/off.
    Spec. Search. Put 3 of 4 cards in (random)
    * First aid kit
    * Antibiotics?
    * Gasmask
    * Crawler (inside vehicle)

    Motorcycle - Like car but moves 3 per action. Can only hit one target per zone. Only two seats. Pimp search

    Road roller - Like car but moves only 1 per action. Damage 2 (can kill fatties). Only two seats. No search

    New zombies
    “Adogination” - Alpha zombie dog. (spawn with 2 dogz) can take 3 damage. 2 actions. Will “howl” at end of turn when line of sight to survivors. Giving extra activation to all (other) zombie dogs.

    Burning zombies - With some nice rules.

    Climbers - 1 activation. Ignores barricades. Can be used to climb from hole, or up ladder or wall (if using second stories).

    Ghouls (arms) - From graves. Spawn ghoul-arm-figures in loudest zone (if multiple, split equally (add extra if odd)). Move 0. 1 activation (turn to skinner walkers or standard walkers). 1 damage (can only be attacked by meele). They activate if in a zone with atleast one survivor. Then replace all ghoul-arms with walkers. 1 extra activation per Ghoul-arm-figure to exit zone, as usual.

    Rats - Spawn from EVERY manhole. 1 activation. Move 2. Priority with Crows. Ignore barricades, doors, holes.

    Screamer - 1 activation. Priority: Walker. Will not be toxic, but can be crawler. If line of sigth to survivors, uses action to Scream (“loud” at self)

    Undead mass – A core mass blob of slime and bones. Move 0. Damage 3. All standard and skinner zombies (walkers, fatties, runners, crawlers) that spawn in same zone, or enter the zone are absorbed (add one undead mass piece to the blob (side by side)). Walkers and crawlers add standard mass piece (1 to destroy). Fatties add boil mass piece (2 to destroy). Runners expand the mass one zone with a standard mass piece. Each standard part takes 1 damage to remove. 1 extra action to escape per piece in the mass. If the mass gets to big to fit in the zone, use normal targeting rules to see to what zone the new piece(s) expands too.

    Zombeasts (or Zoombies or A number of beasts)
    Gorilla, Ox, Moose, Rhino, Crocodile, Boar, Giraffe, Hippo, Walruss, Lion, Tiger and Bear (oh my) Can take 2 dmg, move 2.
    Behemoth (elephant?) - Can take 3 Dmg, Move 2. Acts as car (damage to all) and cant stop. Destroys barricades and fences.

    EDIT: Added idea for the ghouls and modified the undead mass slightly (adding the core mass).
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